Style Steal: Floral Print Dress for $18

Style for a steal at $18 . . . 

Panama Hat (a staple for me in the summer)

My sister took these photos while we were on vacation in Costa Rica.  Finding a cute dress for less than $20 is the best and easy to pack as it is knit, easy to fold and doesn't wrinkle.

I still have lots of photos to share, but traveling from Chicago to SF and working until late (currently 11pm PST but 1am CST) makes it hard to blog and write too much.  The program at 500 startups has been awesome, everyday is a learning and growing experience.  We've met really smart people but what I love the most? They are kind and willing to share their knowledge.  It's such a great network of people who want to help others and I deeply appreciate this environment.  The blogging world is different and being a female in fashion I've experienced some nice things and also not so nice things. Entering this more tech and entrepreneurial world has been eye opening but such a good experience so far.

I'm continuously learning how to grow my business, and what I'm doing is right and wrong.  But the best thing is I'm learning and soaking it all in.  Happy week!  Can't wait for the long weekend and to see my family.


  1. Oh my god this dress. I've been looking for a good flowery summery dress exactly like this and now I've found it. Super dangerous but also super wonderful!!! And it looks amazing on you!


  2. It's truly a great thing to learn from other people and your own experience. I love your dress, it looks fabulous on you x
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