Biggest Style Steals Roundup (Life Recap)

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It has been way too since I've blogged!  I finally got to linking up some of your favorites from instagram and updating you about my life.  It has been crazy flying back and forth from Chicago to San Francisco and personal time and blogging just has taken a back seat.  It is the first time in 5 years I have gone that long without blogging and to be honest, it was a nice break but I'm back . . . and hopefully as I go into the end of my 500 startups program I can blog more about the whole experience.  So go to the end and read more . .. some great links below for style steals!
Flamingo top (sale/50% off)

Favorite Denim Shorts
Best deal ever for this similar to rockstud sandals.
Chanel bag similar here and here

Life has been a non balanced whirlwind of great, good and the ugly.  Work has taken over my life more than usual but it's a great thing.  The extensive growth strategies we are learning, pitching our company in front of hundreds next week, and meeting and networking has pushed me to be a better CEO and entrepreneur.  I'm pushing myself in ways I haven't before.  Spending my time with my sister has been amazing.  We haven't spent this much time together since we were young.  Our days start around 8:30am and end like at 11pm sometimes still in in the office in Mountain View.  Flying back and forth is a bit taxing but I need to see my kids.  

So that's the thing I miss the most, seeing my kids everyday.  It has taken a toll on my heart but I know that this program will fly by and I'll be back at home.  So lately the ugly is just the fact that I miss my hugs, kisses and seeing them everyday.  Being away off and on two months has finally hit harder in the third month.  This week I spent two quality days with them at Legoland and the zoo and it was the best full days with them.  Just me and my two boys eating ice cream and checking out different things.  I loved it.  The biggest thing for me, appreciate the little things with them and take those days off from time to time just to relax and create memories.  

Thanks for keeping up and wish me luck on my big presentation (where we present our company to investors).  

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  1. Love all the colorful outfits! So fun!


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