Two Fresh White Outfits for Only $20

My neighborhood is full of spring flowers blooming and it's beautiful!  We stepped out on a sunny day and came across these two places that had these gorgeous floral trees. This time of year is so pretty and the weather has been perfectly warm.  

I'm sharing two favorite items today that are only $20 until end of day Sunday!  Great deals for the right time.  I love white and these two pieces are pretty and the price couldn't be any better.

Vintage Chanel shoes from my mom
Where I like to look for use Chanel bags here

Both white items are perfect for spring and summer and $20 is such a steal.  

Check out the full collection of items at $20 here.

Don't forget to enter the $1000 cash giveaway (ends 4/29), who doesn't need a new spring wardrobe or extra cash? Enter at my previous post here.

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