Instagram Round Up Favorites

It's been a while since I rounded up some of my favorite things I've been wearing. A lot of these photos are from instagram as I share daily!  My goal is to get better at blogging but while working during the day and night, it leaves very little time to sit down and write and post photos here.  At most I get three posts a week in these days! Always catching up it feels :)

I traveled to LA last week and I'm traveling again next week.  It's been quite a great year for travel, which I love. Eating, drinking and sunny places, who doesn't love it?
  This heart wall is in LA at Café Gratitude in the arts district.  And this fab dress is only $24 right now (with code SPRING50)

These are some of my favorite shots lately and I made sure to call out the deals for you shoppers out there.
White Vest Dress (black as well) for only $32
This is also in the arts district of Los Angeles.
I wore this for my Chicago Splash shoot and once again for a Common Threads Event I attended in LA.  This dress is pricier but I love it.
I LOVEEEE  A GOOD RUFFLE TOP.  And this one is absolutely my favorite. Shop it here.
My Mother's Day outfit with my kiddos.  This dress is a fabulous fit and super comfy.
Tassel earrings and Goddess Sunglasses all for around $20

This day was windy by the Lake and my oldest took this photo!

Things I'm grateful for these days:

#1 Traveling!  I love it and have seen friends, eaten lots of yummy things (my diet isn't working people) and fun times.

#2 I love what I do.  It's amazing to create designs and buy designs I love. 

#3 Last week I got to be on the radio and speak to students about social media and digital communications.  I feel honored to do these things! 

#4 Friends and family always

#5 For great weather and great days.

Have a great week!


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