Casual for $28 and Top Spots for Kids in Chicago

Two casual tops that are a steal at $28 for today's post AND my top spots to take my kids these days to beat the heat in Chicago!

Also comes in green
Also comes in green

What every women needs are easy tops to wear this summer and these two are it. They pair well with any denim, they are a steal at $28, AND they have the right details so that they are cute and fashionable.  The tank is embroidered in the best colors up top and the sweater is loosely woven together with gold threads giving it a pretty sheen.  I've worn both on outings with my two boys, so it got me thinking about my favorite spots I take them in Chicago. Lately it's been hot so we've looked for cooler options.  These are some of my favorites if you are searching for things to do with your little ones:

#1 Pulaski Park has a public pool and the best kiddie pool area with slides and safe for the littles ones.  They are a ton of kiddie public parks but this one tops it with the kiddie pool areas.

#2 Rockin Jump - think trampolines and more trampolines! This was outside the city but my boys loved it!  There are jump pits, trampolines with basketball hoops, and an area for younger kids.  This was a favorite.

#3 Pump It Up was our go to for my oldest birthday party. This bouncy house playground is a child's dream.  Not only great for birthday parties, but they have open play so they can bounce to their heart's content

#4 Shedd Aquarium  We got here all year around and there's a lot to see but doesn't take too long if you have nappers.  It's perfect for a few hours, grab lunch or dinner and than head to the park.  

#5 The destination that is nearby, great suites, and has a fun waterpark?  Blue Harbor Resort - we've been quite a few times with friends (who also have kids) and it's so much fun. I'm not a big water park girl :) but this place is nice and we love their suites!  You have to check it out.

Other go to's in the city:  Lincoln Park Zoo, the beach, the movies, and if you can get a kids membership, the Soho House Pool (which is also great without kids).

Let me know your favorites if you live in Chicago.

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