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It's the holiday season and the hardest part of gift giving is finding the perfect gift for the right price. I've been wearing and gifting these MVMT watches and they are absolutely perfect this holiday season.  Luxe details, modern AND reasonably priced.

These gift boxes are selling out! Love the sunglass and watch combination; both are items you use daily. (Shop women's gift boxes   |   Shop men's gift boxes)

go to the bottom of this post to get a discount code and see the fab watches I've worn
Black and Gold Large FAce Watch, Best Watch Gift, MVMT Watch, MVMT, Best Watches
Watch (men's one, love the big face)

MVMT Watches, MVMT Women Watches, Best Gift Watches, Best Watches

 My Watch    | His Watch
I love the combination of a his and hers watch set - great for bridal gifts or a couple you know! All the watches at MVMT have a modern look with very simple faces which make it an easy gift for anyone.

MVMT Watches, MVMT Women and Mens Watches, Best Gift Watches, Best Watches

MVMT Watches, MVMT Women Watches, Best Gift Watches, Best Watches, Black and Gold MVMT Watch

    My Watch 
MVMT Watches, MVMT Women Watches, Best Gift Watches, Best Watches

Watch 1     |    Watch 2 

Also a great fit for your bestie or sister :).

If you use the code redsolesandredwine15  you will receive $15 off any purchase! 

My sis, mom and dad are all set as I got them each one.

Top 5 reasons why these are the best gifts:

#1 Everyone needs a watch as an accessory or to use for time (I use mine mostly as an accessory :)

#2 That man in your life - hard to buy for? This is an easy gift that looks fantastic and doesn't break the bank

#3 Have small wrists like me? All the watches fit my watch and the links are VERY EASY to remove.  If I can do it, you can!

#4 Your friend/family can never be late to meet you as you gave them a watch :) 

#5 Giving a watch means you treasure their time and you love them every second of the day!

Happiest holiday shopping.

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