Thursday – Closet and Chanel Envy

I am just starting my blogging adventure and figuring out how and what to write.  I thank you for reading this and if you have time, give me comments or if you like what you see, please like my facebook page and/or follow my postings :)!

My excitement to share my blog increased when my friend Ashley designed my logo.  I have worked with her before and she is unbelievable in creating something beautiful out of a few words I gave her.  For those that ever need logo, graphic design or art, check out her blog @ 

In my quest to start blogging, I have been reading tons and tons of other blogs.  I love inspirational closets and when I came across these photos I had to share them.  Serious closet envy came over me, not only do I want this closet, I want everything in it!

All photos from the COVETEUR

Seeing these photos inspire me to organize and make my own closet prettier!  What do you think?


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  1. stephany
    May 20, 2011 / 5:13 pm

    Hi Jen- Love this post. I was just thinking the other week how I needed to put picture frames and flowers etc., in my closaet to make it more desirable since I spend so much time stewing in there. I L-O-V-E The Coveteur and am always logging on to get inspired. Judging from the shot Of your closet, it looks like you already know how to make a closet fab!

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