Vintage Jewelry and Asian Food Saturday

My husband and I had a wonderful Saturday doing the two things I love, shopping and eating.  On Saturday, we headed to the Vintage Bazaar, which is a pop up flea market in Chicago.  My favorite things to shop for are vintage furniture and costume jewelry.  We saw lots of great things and I was excited to walk away with this beautiful vintage La Rel rhinestone necklace.

Shopping at the market, hubby was taking some photos 🙂

Love body forms, I didn’t purchase one, but they are great to layer necklaces, coats, etc in your bedroom or closet!

I love jewelry in general, real or faux, accessorizing is essential to every outfit!  What I love about vintage jewelry is the journey in finding each piece and the uniqueness in design.  I am not an expert in shopping for vintage pieces but I would recommend the following tidbits:

O      Places to shop for vintage costume jewelry: 

o      Estate sales – typically a great price point however you may need to dig a bit more for nice pieces

o      Antique clothing stores – you will find great selection and sometimes marked pieces

o      Antique fairs – most vendors who sell the jewelry will have a good amount of information about their pieces

o      Ebay – Lots of selection and typically priced well but you may need to know what your looking for.  As with anything on ebay, read reviews about the sellers.

My favorite place to shop for vintage jewelry is the Vintage Underground in my neighborhood in Chicago.  I stop by every so often, they have a wonderful selection and a variety of prices. 

O      Styles/Makers:  Since I am not a serious collector, I buy what I love.  It is always great to pick a piece and see the designer marking on the back of the clasp or pendant.  You can easily read about the designer online to see when the piece was made. 

Here’s a couple of my pieces that I love!

Markings on my red rhinestone necklace

 After the Vintage Bazaar, we headed to Chinatown for a late lunch.  We love to eat and since we moved to Chicago in September, we’ve done our round of eating in the restaurant scene.  I am Chinese so the search for good Chinese food is continuous.  We came upon Joy Yee’s Noodles and headed in.  I typically dislike places that serve Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese food, my experience is if restaurants serve more than one type of cuisine than the food is typically not very good. We took a chance on Joy Yee and it was delicious!

Hubby had the black pepper beef over kimchi fried rice and I had the glass noodle soup with fish balls.  Portions are big and prices are fair.  

I think Joy Yee’s is perfect for dining with friends, menu is extensive and portions are large. We will definitely be back to enjoy it with friends!  



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