Adventures in Taiwan – Part 1

I am soaking up the culture and seeing the sights in Taiwan with my family.  As I grow older, I realize how much I don’t know about my background, so this trip has been full of seeing sights, eating delicious foods, and asking questions about my extended family.

I moved to the United States when I was three and am pretty “Americanized” in my daily life.  I grew up going to school in Bellevue, WA, and strived my whole life to adapt to everyone around me, going to homecomings, proms, trying to date, going to a University and joining a sorority; all trying to “Americanize” myself however being ruled at home with Chinese parents.  In some ways, I was trying to fit in so badly, I didn’t appreciate my culture.  I realized in the last couple of years how much I want to learn more about my culture and appreciate my parent’s ability to raise us Chinese American.  This trip has been a wonderful way to share our culture and past with our significant others.  My husband has been able to see a different side of my life and share in where I come from.

My parents did an incredible job planning our trip.  The below pictures are from various sites we seen:

My family with my Uncle and Aunt in Lugang

Sun Moon Lake

We took a boat tour of Sun Moon Lake – lovely and beautiful

Confucian Temple

Eating at a traditional market stand.  Delicious! 

Typical street scene

The pictures behind me are ice desserts, similar to snow cones but layered with red beans or fruit

My uncle took us to Lavender Cottage deep in the hills.  Breathtaking views and a place to relax, eat and drink.  Surrounding the area are fields of lavender.  

The weather has been hot and humid, on this particular day in the mountains we got some rain which was a nice change.

More pictures to come this week!


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  1. Claire
    June 14, 2011 / 2:49 pm

    It looks amazing!! Enjoy your trip!

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