Bold Colors Done Wrong

One of my guilty pleasures is reading celebrity gossip and watching the Kardashians.  True, true, I love watching the drama unfold and seeing what is happening in the celebrity world.  I look forward every week to my US Weekly magazine landing into my mailbox and when it arrives I spend the next hour gawking at the big stories and pictures.  One of my favorites is reviewing the celebrity fashions.  I get inspiration from what they wear but there are times where I gasp and say “what happened” and I had one of those moments today (reading gossip online :).  I love Kim Kardashian’s style; sexy, chic, glamorous, and bold.  She was in London this week promoting her perfume and unfortunately I’m not sure she looked in the mirror.  I was all about bold color this week until I saw these pictures:

She has always embraced her curves but the look was just too much and too tight.  Her tiny waist looks squished in the dress and the cut wasn’t right for her body tight.  I normally love Gucci, but Gucci wasn’t loving her this week.  The colors, the belt, the midriff and the curves, overall too many things crammed into one outfit.  

To avoid fashion disasters, take a pic of yourself before heading out the door.   If heading out for bigger events, always make sure to try on your outfit earlier in the week.  I have learned myself the pains of realizing the dress didn’t fit right anymore or I did not like it anymore when getting ready to go and felt frantic looking for another outfit.  Try on the look and take a pic; you’ll save yourself time and feel great before the event!


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  1. nancy john
    June 2, 2015 / 4:45 am

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