Being an Entrepreneur

Not too long ago I read the best article about being an entrepreneur and I thought I would share some of the highlights.  But I definitely would recommend you read it here.  

I am beyond appreciative of all the support I have received for my business t+j Designs. What started off as a small business is now a successful, ongoing venture for my whole family and it is incredible how much we have grown.  The press, the support from our customers, the love of our products is unbelievable and with Thanksgiving just passing, I am so thankful for all of it.  I do know however owning my own business in the last two years has been extremely stressful and a lot more work than people think.  This article was insightful and gave a tidbit about my personality as an entrepreneur.

7 Things Great Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

1) They don’t think about work life balance

This is something I struggle with and as I sit here typing on Saturday night working on my website and typing this blog article, it is very true.   I strive on doing multiple things at once and trying to do it all.  In order to build a successful business, I do believe you need to give it your all.  In my case, it’s a large part of my life, but I love it.

2) They don’t try to be what they are not

Blogging and our jewelry – it’s what I love and am passionate about and it shows through my work ethic and I don’t do things or support things I’m not passionate about.

3) They don’t do it for the money

I didn’t start the business with my sister with the goal in mind of making a ton of money or striking it rich. I really want to do something on my own and my family was the perfect partners to do it with.  Yes the sales are important, but I’m driven by my passion of my business.

4) They don’t have day jobs 

Since day 1, I have focused 110% on my business.  I am honest to everyone about this, without the support of my husband I wouldn’t have been able to dedicate all my time to it.  He has been incredible financially and emotionally and believed in me to make my business into a successful company.  If my company was unsuccessful, I would not continue.  Being practical about what works in a certain timeline is needed.  Don’t waste energy and money into a business that is causing you stress and not financially viable for the future.  Although #3 says don’t do it for the money, eventually your passion needs to be financially capable to support a lifestyle.  

5) They don’t give into fear

Fear of failure is what drives me. 

6) They don’t have grand delusions

I try to take it day-by-day, month-to-month however I don’t have grand ideas of where my company is headed.  Even what we have achieved is far beyond what I expected.  I worry about hitting the same numbers, coming up with designs every month/season, whether or not customers will come back, and what next year will bring.  I sometimes think I’m so busy with all the details I don’t’ have time to have grand delusions.

7) They don’t have virtual mentors

This is the one bullet point I hope to have in the near future.  A mentor to guide me on transitioning my business from where it is to somewhere even bigger would be a dream.  How do you maneuver it?  What are the big decisions that have driven their business to go from here to there?  I would love to have a mentor to talk things through.  

As I go through my second pregnancy, I’m sharing a bit more of my business and myself.  I hope you find them to be informative and great to read.  

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.


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  1. tasha
    December 4, 2013 / 3:29 am

    This is a BEAUTIFUL article. I actually found my first mentor via Twitter. Then I found Lisa Price {Carol's Daughter} because a customer works with her and she became a customer. Then I reached out to her. She has been SO HELPFUL. I found someone in a total different industry so I could learn even more.Thank you for sharing this with us your readers. Wishing you two even more success! i see store fronts coming very soon =)

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