Florals & Meeting Karlie Kloss

Yesterday I got to experience the perks of blogging and working for myself.  I joined in on a pretty luncheon held by Victoria’s Secret for their relaunch of their Heavenly Fragrance and meet the face of the scent, Angel, Karlie Kloss.


Asos Dress


J. Crew Pumps (dying for these 30% off)

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

t+j Designs Crystal Cluster Necklace

Luxe Bow Pave Ring  |   Luxe Pink Pave Bracelet (new lower price!)

I’m not a big fragrance person and typically go for Jo Malone, but meeting the people behind the fragrance and hearing how fragrance is developed peaked my interest.  The man behind the development of the VC fragrances (who was also known as the “nose”) worked off mood boards, the target customer and created smells that conveyed feelings. He had an incredible sense of smell and extensively trained daily in his practice.  I love hearing about people’s careers and especially ones I never knew about.  He was interesting and super passionate about his job of developing fragrances.  While we sat next to Karlie Kloss, the beautiful Victoria Secret model, we were all asking Mark, the “nose” continuous questions.   Heavenly, Victoria’s Secret best selling perfume had the perfect balance of floral and feminine smell.  I think he mentioned that at one point in time VS was selling a bottle of Heavenly every 14 seconds.  Amazing right?!   

Karlie was sweet and beautiful and boy, she makes me want to work out everyday.  

Thank you to Victoria Secret and also for reminding me how much I love blogging and my job.  Mark, the “nose”, reminded me that I feel the same way about what I do.  I’m excited about it, I love it, and seeing my blog and company grow makes me happy.  Here are some beautiful pics of the luncheon. 



Check out Heavenly here!



  1. Deanna
    May 1, 2014 / 11:08 pm

    Very pretty! From the photos of both of you to the dress to the decorations of the event. I enjoy reading your blog and it inspires me to better my blog. I have given it a back seat to life ( I am also a mom of a fiesty 2 year old) and would love to move forward with my blog now. It's just hard balancing it with work and family but you make it possible! Great post. Victoria Secret perfume was one of my first gifts given to me by my then boyfriend now husband :-)

  2. Weaver You
    July 10, 2014 / 6:40 am

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