Blogger Dinner at Enolo Wine Bar

Last week I had a blogger dinner hosted by my friend Janet of Fashion-a-Holic blog at Enolo Wine Bar.  One of my favorite things about blogging is the people I’ve met.  Of course the perks of a fabulous dinner and wine is fantastic, but it is so nice to eat dinner with girls that love the same things I do!  

Janet and Christina

We all love fashion, food, sipping wine and blogging; plus several of us are mommies.  I’ve met amazing women from my blog and they inspire me to keep doing what I do.  Work hard, play hard and be a great mom, wife and friend.  

The outfit I’m wearing are items my sister and I designed!  Next week we launch some exciting new things and as we get into fall/holiday season there will be more.  I’m beyond excited.  

Thank you to Janet for inviting me to this wonderful dinner.  I’ll definitely be back for date night.  The wine pairings were delicious and the bruschettas and cheeses were yummy.

Stop by Mia Bossi, Janet’s line of bags and check it out.  She gifted each one of us a fabulous cell phone bag (even includes a pocket for credit cards), cute huh?!  The bags launch in August.

Also check out Ella + Mila nail polish, it is vegan and safe for kids to use.  I love their mommy and me sets.

  Pink Medallion Bedazzled Necklace

Happy Friday and weekend!



  1. Alex Gens | Bronzed Sundaze
    July 25, 2014 / 3:21 pm

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