Golden Stripes & My Little Flaw

Boden Stripe Tee and Asos Gold Skirt

Yesterday I was instagramming a picture of my hand and accessories of the day and realized my little flaw on my right hand is something I don’t think much about anymore.  With age and having children, I’ve realized I’m a lot more comfortable with my outside and inner flaws than I used to be.  

Background on the flaw on my hand. . .

Chanel Bag t+j Designs bracelets

Boden Stripe Top Asos skirt
Sparkle Collar Boden Stripe Top c/o
Asos Skirt (similarlove this rose gold one!)
Christian Louboutin Leopard pumps (budget find)
Chanel Bag
t+j Designs Spike Bracelet  |  Pearl Baubles Bracelet (on sale)
Pave Bubble Ring

When I was young, my mom said I was pretty mischievous.  I walked early, got into everything and one day while my mom was ironing, I somehow wrangled my way in and wanted to touch the iron.  The iron fell on top of my right hand.  I was probably two or so, but I’ve had a slight burn wrinkle on top of my hand since than.  As a kid, I wanted smooth hands and my right always had wrinkles and looked abnormal.  I wasn’t sure if people looked at my hands strangely or just thought it was a birthmark, but it was an imperfection that could’t be changed.  At one point I even contemplated getting laser to fix it or something.  Today, while taking a direct picture of my hand I realized wow, I don’t even think about it anymore.  My kids, husband and I are healthy, my work is busy and growing, I have all that I need, and this little flaw on my hand differentiates me from others, but it is a good thing.  It was a sign that I’m headed the right direction.   The things I used to focus on have now changed.  Don’t get me wrong- I love everything fashion, but what I worry about is different.  Looking at my hand yesterday, I had a moment where I smiled and it felt nice to be happy just the way I am.


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