Family Photos with Lacoste & Being a Mommy

If you follow me on instagram you saw this shot of my family and I.  It’s the first decent picture we’ve gotten of all of us and I love it!  

 Being a mommy is the toughest however most rewarding job . . .

          Thanks to Lacoste for our matching polos as I missed the opening party in Chicago (located in the Water Tower Place).

Lately I’ve gotten closer to other mommy entrepreneurs and we talk about struggles in balancing everything in life.  I know for me I struggle in wanting to do everything perfectly.  I go through a lot of days feeling like I’m not great at anything because I’m trying to do too many things in one day.  I also feel extreme guilt for not being a stay at home mom.   Although the decision to keep working and have daycare for my kids is something all moms have to figure out, every single person I know who chose to work has felt the same guilt.  Working and owning my business has its own rewards but I do feel like when I am with the kids I am happy, confident, and a better mom because I do work.   This isn’t to say that working moms are better moms, this just works for me.  When I make them laugh or smile there’s no better feeling in the world.   Their hugs and kisses make all the guilt go away and I see how happy they are to be around their friends.  My oldest gets excited to go to daycare and loves the activities and his friends.

Having this blog and being more public on instagram has taught me what my readers and customers like to see, but we all go through similar issues.  I never posted pictures of me trying to breastfeed, type on my computer and do a conference call and than cry afterwards as I felt overwhelmed.  This happened a lot in the first few months.  But who wants to see that?  I didn’t even want to deal with it! Lately I’ve been more open about the things I experience because of the misconception of what pictures or social media can give.  Yes, I am very lucky; I have a wonderful family, my boys are healthy, my parents are healthy, I go to fabulous events and gosh I do have a lot of “stuff” but so far the hardest but most rewarding job of all has been being a mommy.  

Going to NY, fashion events, designing, and buying is exciting and lately my blog and business have grown more.  But I definitely feel more grounded in life because of my babies and my family is my #1.  I’ll keep sharing my boys on this blog once in a while but I know they won’t stay little forever.  For now I can still take pictures without too much complaint and I’m so happy when they call for mommy.  


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