I’m So Fancy

Red Soles and Red Wine

This month is the start of many of my favorite things.  Family time, Thanksgiving, the holidays, Christmas and something that I used to really look forward to my birthday.  I’m still trying to feel more comfortable getting a year older.  I know some people embrace age and talk about all that they learned and etc.  But I’ve got to be honest, I hate the number, how tired I feel at times, and how with age I’ve become way more of stress case than in my 20’s. 

Red Soles and Red Wine

Statement Necklace, graphic tee,

Sapphire Stone Ring

Leopard Jacket

Red Soles and Red Wine

Graphic Tee, Faux lather skirt, louboutin pumps

Zara Leopard Coat (similar here and here)

Blank Denim Faux Leather Skirt (steal)

t+j Designs I’m So Fancy Tee (in GOLD as well!)

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

t+j Designs Brooch Necklace   

Pave and Large Pearl Earrings

Heartbeat Ring     |      Sapphire Stone Hammered Ring

I love my life and wouldn’t change it a bit.  I love my confidence, style, decision making skills and not accepting BS from people that has come with age, but I just don’t like feeling or looking older.  I see changes happening that I’m not used to and bouncing back from a night out or a heavy meal just isn’t as easy.  My latest age related issue has been how tired I am.  Running around with the two kids has both my husband and I exhausted.   And when we head out, those late nights out are swapped to heading to bed by 11pm.  Getting sleep and as much of it as possible is like winning the lottery.  Someone asked me what my life motto was recently and I replied with “living in the now”.  I’ve been trying hard to do that with my kids and family.  But I think I need to start appreciating all the benefits of getting older.  Celebrate those wrinkles and body changes and realize that I’ve had another great year in my life and I look forward to all there is to come.  Getting over “feeling old” and being hung up on the number, I’m working on it. . . I would love to hear any tips or thoughts you have on aging?



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