Red Stripe & Thankful Learnings

This time of year I always reflect on what I am thankful for and how to take certain things I’ve learned and move forward into the next year.  

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It’s definitely been an eventful year, I had my baby Gavin and moved into a new home in January, my other son Grant turned two, my business grew and we started designing graphic tees, clutches and skirts.  The past three years really have been amazing, I’m extremely thankful for:

1) My two boys – having them has changed my life, my point of view about kids and being a mom, and made me feel a different type of happiness I never knew existed.

2) My husband – for guiding me, supporting me, and dealing with my bad days when stress and life is too much.  In addition, for being a fantastic partner in parenting and the best dad.

3) My family whom I work with everyday – for trusting in me in making decisions for t+j Designs and working so hard to get us to where we are at.

4) My in-laws who are so supportive and encouraging of my business and my blog and for always helping out with my kids when I or we travel.

5) My health and everyone I love’s health.  As I get older I realize how important it is to take care of myself, but I also pressure my parents to do the same.  I’m so appreciative that my family is doing well.  

6) My friends new and old – having girlfriends are extremely important to me and taking time out once a week to do something with them is something I love to do.

7) All my readers and supporters of t+j Designs.  It really is amazing to have people love our items and read my blog.  When I see orders and meet people who follow me, the reality of it all hits me.  Sometimes I’m like who reads/looks at my blog?  Thank you, thank you!

What I have learned is the hardest part for me:

1) Give myself a break – I’m still learning to do this.  I rarely think I’m good at anything and I have a hard time acknowledging my own accomplishments.  My husband has helped me realize I do this and has pushed me to enjoy all the good things happening.  

2)  Focusing my energy on people who are worth my time – I found myself gossiping at times and caring about the wrong things and realizing my energy is being wasted on these people!  Focus on the good and the people who matter.

3) Being a perfect mom doesn’t exist – the job of being a mommy is different for everyone.  I’m much more comfortable with the fact now that yes I love to work, I love to go out, and I do find time for myself more than some but I am a great mom to my boys.  Just because I don’t spend 24-7 with them doesn’t make me a lesser mom.  I’ve shed tears feeling guilty for so many things but my boys are happy, smart, and I think they would be proud of what I’ve accomplished.

4) Take the time to dance around the house – I do this often with my sons and it’s hilarious, fun and in these moments life is just about letting go and dancing to Taylor Swift.

5) Life is a journey, enjoy the moments rather than looking for something better in the future.  This is the hardest one for me.  I do enjoy the moments but I’m always looking ahead.   I still spend too much time trying to take photos, looking at my emails, stressing about tomorrow, and not relaxing.  This is something I’m continuously working on!

Happy Thanksgiving and hope your enjoying it with loved ones with some delicious food.  



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