For My Gavin

Normally I do style posts but every once in a while I write about my family, life and a more personal view on things :).

Today is my son’s 1st birthday, it really is unbelievable how fast the year flew by.  For some reason with my second son, everything went by so much quicker.  There is some truth with the first kid you capture every little step, you don’t sleep for the first year, you walk into their room all the time to make sure they are breathing, and you read books/online to make sure you are doing everything possible in the correct months.  With the second, we were much more relaxed, things flew by and we didn’t even use a baby monitor.  I felt it was a better process and I had been through it.  But with how quickly it flew by it made me think, did I not cherish every moment as much as I could?  I’m always questioning myself with parenting, it is a natural thing to do as a mom, but than I see his smile, how he always wants me to hold him and obviously I take a billion pictures of everything, and I realize it was just easier the second time around.

I love seeing my children grow but it also makes me sad.  It is something that I know will be tough for me for the rest of my life. Reviewing my photos brought a happy tear to my eye.  It is so true when people say having children changes your life; the change is so rewarding and so much less scary than you think.  Hugging my babies for the first time, holding their hands, and hearing them giggle evokes a feeling of happiness I have never felt before.  I pulled together some lovely photos to wish my Gavin a happy first year of life.

I am so happy that I had a second boy (a question I get way too often).  Seeing Grant and Gavin as brothers and knowing they will grow up close in age and friends for life will be amazing.  My sister and I love working together, we think on the same page and we can’t imagine doing what we do without each other.  I couldn’t be happier that my boys are healthy, happy, smart, food lovers, and dancing machines.  

Gavin – you are an amazing little boy; the serious looks, the devilish grins, the sneaky and smart ways you find things to put in your mouth and that adorable face.  I love you and wish you the best 1st birthday and I can’t wait to watch you grow up.


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    January 29, 2015 / 1:51 pm

    Happy 1st birthday, Gavin! They are adorable and look just like your husband =)

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