It is one of those weeks where things have piled up and my boys were sick.  Sick means they stay at home and my husband and I do double duty trying to cover each other and work.  The perks of working for myself is that I’m the boss and if my kids are sick, I can pick them up and take care of them.  The bad part is . . . 

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I don’t have anyone to cover my work so I stress and work late and than I’m impatient.  Patience is something I lack a ton of and I suffer from anxiety as well.  And owning your own business certainly doesn’t help the situation.  Sometimes days fly by and I can’t believe what day it is and this week certainly felt that way.  

Love spending time with my boys whenever I can but I sure hope they get better.  Happy boys equal a happy mom.

Looking forward to the weekend more than usual!

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    February 26, 2015 / 9:39 am

    I always admire parents that raised their children without nannies and both of the parents are working. I still don't know how should I do it once I become a parent.Kisses,Adrian FS.

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