Feathers, Sequins and Hair Crystals

Today’s the launch of our wedding collection but most of the pieces are wearable for so many occasions.  One of my favorite new items are the hair pieces we designed . . . 

Posing with the beautiful Lauren; isn’t her hair amazing?!  Check out her blog here.

Shop the collection here.

The hair pieces look so wonderful paired with trending hairstyles; braids, waves, buns etc.  Our hair was done by the wonderful owner Amanda of BloHaute.  She looked at my hair pieces and immediately went to work.  I’ll be using her for more of my events in the coming month and one of the best parts, she comes to your house!  So no rushing to get to the salon and if you are like me, you are trying to figure out if you should get dressed or made up before or after but this way you have time to do everything.  I’ve gotten my hair done by several salons and Amanda’s the best; I’ll be trying the awesome fishtail braids she does next.  

I’m so excited to launch these special pieces and hope you love them too.  In a wedding or know a bride to be, check out my sister site Gem La La for the best bridal tote sets as well!

I’m still traveling with Grant in Taiwan and will be back mid week.  Will try to share some tidbits on the blog later this week.  Happy Monday.


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