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We just flew in late last night and looking over all the photos I’m full of joy that I took this trip with my son and my parents to Taiwan; I really can’t believe how quickly the week flew by.  A main reason for the trip was to have my son Grant met his great grandpa.  He is my only grandparent alive, still fairly healthy but unable to travel to the U.S. to see my kids.  Seeing the joy on his face when he met Grant was pretty incredible and Grant was so loving.  Lots of hugs and kisses and although they may not speak the same language, you could feel the love.  It was a special time.

I mixed up my posts with family time and some fashion so I thought I would do a recap of my instagram pics mixed with personal photos I didn’t post.

This is my grandpa’s house.  He designed it based on a home we had in Washington.  It is unusual to see stand alone homes in certain parts of Taiwan so it is quite amazing he built this and the yard that you’ll see in another picture.  The architecture and the details inside are beautiful.  

This picture was taken hours within arrival and Grant loved being outside.  Since we don’t have a yard in Chicago, this was a treat!

Similar style dresses here and here

It may not show too much in photos as he typically doesn’t smile in photos but my grandpa was beaming to meet Grant.  Both of them hugged right away and Grant had an instant connection with him.  

Playing golf in my grandpa’s yard – we probably did this four times a day.  He loved it.  

Similar pom pom top here.

Taiwan is full of temples and we took Grant to one that was a bit bigger.  He was full of questions and  it is quite fun to hear what he has to say at almost 3 years old.  Excitement and wonderment in seeing things the first time.  

We rarely all get together so we were able to get some of my cousins and aunt and uncle in a photo with us.  We had a hard time leaving my grandpa and hope that we get to see him soon again.

I’m pretty strict with rules of sleeping but while on vacation Grant stayed with me (he typically sleeps in his own room and tries to sneak in with us).  It was quite fun telling stories, pretending to snore, and taking selfies, but I also snuck long glances at him when he slept peacefully.  I love my boys more than they will ever know, these selfie pictures just make me smile.  

We went to this amazing shrimp restaurant and boy was Grant just over photos at this point in time.  He no longer wanted to be there or deal with the paparazzi.  

The last few days we headed to Taipei and I did some budget shoe shopping.  Taiwan is on top of trends so I got two things I was missing.  Pointed flats (which I didn’t want to pay full price for the Nicholas Kirkwood ones) and jeweled sandals for the summer.  I realized in looking at my shoes I was missing these essential pieces as I aways buy heels.

I took this bottom half selfie on the last day.  When I get asked what I wear for comfort these are my favorites.   Top     |     Denim     |     Shoes     |    Chanel Bag

This final picture is one of my favorites.  I cherish the moments I spent with him and decided that I would do a one on one trip with my youngest Gavin as well around this age.  At home, I get caught up with work, events, and life in general.  Time is flying, Grant turns 3 on Friday and I’m in disbelief that my baby is a big boy.

I’m a first generation Taiwanese girl and we never had relatives nearby for holidays and visits.  These big trips are meaningful and few and I hope as I grow older I can continue to teach my kids about my background and life.  I see now how hard a decision it was for my parents to permanently live in the U.S to give us more opportunities.  To leave your life and start a new one here without family nearby is so difficult.  But I am so grateful for my parents in doing so.  My sister and I are living the dream, working for ourselves, blogging and raising our own families.   Life has given us opportunities and we are grateful and seizing them.  

“Life opens up opportunities to you, and either take them or you stay afraid to take them” Jim Carrey


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    May 5, 2015 / 10:41 am

    The scallops we had here were moist and perfectly cooked! We shared 3 scallops amongst the 6 of us, and we were very tempted to make another order. starbucks hidden menu is a must get if they have it! The cake was fluffy and was beautifully done.

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