Playful Romper – Sandro Part 3 and the Top 5 things I’ve learned about being a Mommy

This week is our event with Sandro (details here if you’ve missed it).  My sister is coming into town, we are shooting another blogger lookbook and I’m still dealing with this darn cold that had me in bed for a couple of days.  Hoping Monday gives me a fresh start and energy to keep up with the week.  

Mother’s day was spent with my wonderful boys and a brunch at Tanta; mostly relaxed and after this week I’m going to book myself a spa appointment somewhere to take a day off :).   Whenever this day rolls around it reminds me of how I’ve changed since becoming a mommy . . . 

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  1. Schedule everything – including getting ready for anything.  My husband has a great understanding of the time I need to get ready (mostly 30 minutes or less) and he always takes care of the boys so I can do so.  But schedule days out, time at the park, when they eat, etc.  Based on what we’ve learned, you get off schedule and your kids are terrors and it ruins the rest of the day :)!  My husband and I have a weekly meeting to go over the calendar too so we are on the same page.  From dates night and events to kid activities we talk about it all.
  2. Communication & patience – we talk to our kids and explain things so they understand the world and everyday things.  Along with that is a lot of talking in general.  My 3 year old won’t quiet down, he is a chatter box and I’ve learned to listen closer to what he is saying.  He’s learning so much everyday that questions and statements just keep coming out.  Patience is something that has to come with having children, but man sometimes they really push it.  I have to tell myself sometimes to slow down but it works.
  3. More loving and giving -I was loving with my husband before I had kids but having children really changes how you love and see things.  I’m much more of a hugger and kisser than I ever thought I would be and I love it!  Being outwardly affectionate is much more common in my everyday life now.
  4. Not following the “crowd” – I’ve learned to do my own thing regarding mommy hood.  No one way is right and as long as my kids are healthy, happy, and smart I don’t need to follow the crowd.  I’ve been asked about moving to the suburbs, why I go out quite so much, why I work so much, if I’ll have a third to have a girl, the questions go on and on.  I used to take offense to some of it, but I realized people just question things when it isn’t the norm.  My life is pretty good and there’s no need to change it to follow other people’s rules.
  5. Kids can take over your thoughts, everyday life and conversation, I’ve made sure that through this journey that I am still true to myself.  I didn’t know if I would be able to do this at first but I realized I control what type of woman, mother, and wife I am.  I still love eating out, dressing up, seeing my friends, traveling, etc but I also love going to the park , swimming, reading, playing, dancing with my kids.  Having them just added to who I was and didn’t take over who I was.  This was extremely important to me and overall I am happier mommy because of it.

Hope you celebrated your mother’s day with loved ones and had a great weekend.  Anything you’ve learned that you would love to share?


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    Totally in love with the fun print and colors, you look gorgeous!

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