LBD with a Pink Garage

Looking for the location of this garage? I posted it here!

True story:  One of my friends, who I finally caught up with said, “Your life looks so fabulous on instagram/blog!”  My response . . . 

Black Dress, Red Soles and Red Wine

Akira Dress c/o (similar)

Christian Louboutin So Kate (similar budget)

t+j Designs Crystal Candy Gunmetal Necklace

Black Pony Hair Crystal Bag

“That’s the whole point isn’t it? Showing the good and exciting parts of my life?”  I do think I go to amazing events, love my friends, and get to do cool stuff, but what I don’t show is the everyday part of my life where my kids are crying or clinging to me, my little one is bleeding all over my new tee shirt because he fell, and late night poop stains on my master bedroom white carpet (which took me over an hour to clean).  Real life is real difficult at times, but molds me in being realistic about this whole social media thing.  I know people are showing their best as so am I, but until you really know someone you don’t know that they do deal with poop stains and have really bad days :).   This week was one of them, poop stains, I got rear ended and dealing with some tough customers.  To me blogs and instagram is an escape into what I want to do, what I want to wear, and to peak into what people are up to.  It’s fun and exciting, but it is important to realize no one has a “perfect life”.   If I’m wondering how someone really is, I call them.  Doesn’t it feel good to finally speak to a friend? Just remember the things you see on instagram from people . . . I like to call it “instalife”.  We all have an instalife and than there’s real life.

Can’t wait for Friday!  



  1. Simple Letters
    July 30, 2015 / 8:27 am

    Great food and great people with awesome styling and interior. Also the best halloween party nyc with cheap happy hour drinks. However, the downstairs beer selection is about as standard as it can be while upstairs can be a bit more creative.

  2. Jackie
    August 2, 2015 / 11:44 pm

    This dress looks fabulous on you! It's so fierce. I have yet to jump into the sheer trend completely but it has been one of my favourite trends this season :)I think you said it perfectly 'not everyone has a perfect life' and its so important to remember that whenever we are looking at social media. And I think that's ok that life isn't perfect sometimes, it helps up take stock of things that truly matter at the end of the day :)xo,

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