Sequin Style

I’m a sequin girl and there’s no way you haven’t noticed that if you’ve been following me or checked out t+j Designs :)!  When I love something I wear it a lot, my off shoulder tops have been on repeat as of lately (and a great price).  I’ll be wearing this with black leather leggings come fall.

A quick update on life and Vegas . .  .

Silver Sequin Off Shoulder Top (gold here)

Modern Deco Earrings

White Denim

Vegas went well and we got a lot of new accounts.  Who would have known 4 years later we would run a successful e-commerce business, be designing clothes and jewelry, and do the largest wholesale apparel show in Vegas and have over 100 boutiques carry our line!  I’m proud of it all but I still work everyday like my company is going to shut down or we aren’t doing well.  Is that strange?  Is that what drives me?  Is it stressful? I say yes to all of it but I can’t imagine my life without running my own business now.  My friends, my life, and how I’ve adjusted to living in Chicago has all been affected by running t+j Designs and my blog.  I couldn’t ask for better friends, support system, and great family.  Everything happens for a reason and it has certainly changed my life. 

Thank you for your support, for reading, for checking out what I do and some of you have followed along with my journey since I moved here before I had kids!  It is all amazing.  I look forward to what’s to come and sharing more each year.


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