New Year’s Style – Sequins and Feathers and Recapping 2015 Learnings

By now you know my love of sequins and anything glam, so dressing up for new year’s eve is one my favorite things to do.  I really can’t believe how quickly 2015 has flown by and these are just some of the top ten things I learned about myself.

Black Ostrich Feather Jacket (new arrival)

Black and Gold Polka Dot Sequin Maxi Skirt (new arrival)

Valentino Pumps (similar style steal)

Crystal Wing Earrings

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  1. It is ok to love taking photos, it documents memories and is such a joy to look back on.  I’m ok being a photography freak :).  
  2. I own my high stress, fast paced lifestyle.  I am not relaxed ever but that’s ok.
  3. Increased patience and breathing in life will get me through much more.  
  4. Being an entrepreneur is something most people don’t understand and other people’s statements of “how nice it must be” should be taken with a grain of salt.  I don’t spa or lunch all day and yes it is a full time and more job but I love it and that’s all that matters.  
  5. I love designing more than I thought.  This year in launching clothing on my site, it was beyond amazing to see it fly off our site.  I wish I could really explain how appreciative I am  of my customers, readers and followers.  It hugs my heart.
  6. It is ok to feel overwhelmed and not being 100% to being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend, sister and daughter.  I can’t do it all.  Sometimes I have to give myself a break.
  7. Laughing and dancing freely in my living room with my boys is the best stress reliever in the world and makes me happy.
  8. Eat and drink freely, life is short I’m not dieting to lose those 10 pounds
  9. I NEED TO WORK OUT.  Yes I bought a treadmill.  This is not to diet, this is to be healthier as you can see #8 I love to eat and drink.
  10. Love more, judge less, smile more, cry less.  (Still working on this)

Wishing you the best 2016 and hope your year ended with much love and happiness.


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