The Perfect Wrap Coat for $36

Have you ever felt so crappy you can’t move?  That’s how I feel today as I motivate myself to write a blog post and work  . . .

Gray (purple tones) Wrap Coat ( I have it in red too)

V Neck Sweater

Ripped Denim


Crystal Thread Earrings

I just landed back in Chicago from a week in China where access to gmail, Facebook and instagram are nearly impossible.  They block access to many US sites so it is hard to work from there.  But while there I caught a nasty cold (cough) and clumsy me dropped my laptop on my left foot/toe so it is all bruised up and hurting since I didn’t rest and was on my feet three days straight afterwards.  I feel exhausted and tired so today is a rest day (as I type this blog post).  Exhausted but excited as to what’s to come as I love designing.  Things are still in progress (it takes forever to perfect fits and get samples correct).  I look forward to showcasing my new items soon.

Check out my new coat that did come out perfect 🙂 – its sherpa lined and has a fox fur hood.  It’s a great weight for cold weather.  And if you are an instagram fanatic like I am don’t forget to check out my ebook launch here (How we gained 20K instagram followers with 8 simple steps).

Happy week and I’m off to lay down some more. xoxo


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