Tulle Sweater Style

I was excited to see my sweater back in stock and shoot these photos in the most beautiful spot (all the stuff is for sale, antique, beautiful interior items)!  There were so many things I wanted. . . 

Tulle Sweater (ivory color)

Ripped Denim

Red Tie Pumps sold out (similar here)

Lexie Necklace

My favorite red lipstick

Stacked Rings

Photography Shot at South Loop Loft

Beth the owner is a sweetheart and I love supporting other women entrepreneurs.  The large space is so beautifully decorated and the pieces she has found are amazing at a great price.  If you love interiors, vintage pieces, and live in Chicago, you have to visit.  If you don’t, you can still buy her pieces and get them shipped!  Her site is here.

Happy week!  I found out my small toe has a slight fracture so my shoe choices going out will be different.  Ugh what to do for a heel lover :)?  Searching for some comfy shoes that I can wear.  Any advice I’ll take it!



  1. Julie Hiller
    January 21, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    What a gorgeous place–I'll have to check it out! I love your sweater and those lace up heels!Lifestyle by Joules

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