Camel and Gray Style Steal & Balance In My Life

I got asked the other day how I balance everything?  

Beige Hat c/o Sole Society

Colorblock Shawl c/o Sole Society

Suede Booties c/o Sole Society

Similar Black Turtleneck Sweater

Similar Denim

Necklace new arrivals check it out!

Gold Aviators $28

The honest answer to balance is that I don’t.  I don’t believe in balance and that as a mom, wife, friend, CEO, entrepreneur, blogger, and social media participant that balance happens.  I find that the the most successful people don’t have balance.  What is balance for me is really what I’m doing.  It’s not calm and serenity that some want, but for me it is achieving goals, being busy, trying to do too much which  results in happiness and the feeling of satisfaction.  Might sound strange, but it is truly hard for me to sit still and do nothing.  Some of my friends have recommended yoga or reading or turning off the TV and just being, but for now I’m ok with the way life is.  Blogging and instagram is my hobby/job I love, t+j Designs fulfills so much of my career goals and happiness as I love fashion and being a mom and wife brings more happiness and stress but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  And I feel lucky to get invited to events, host events and have the luxury to do date nights and girls dinners.  Overall a lack of balance is exactly what I need right now so why would I want what isn’t me?  

So the next time someone questions your balance, answer the question truthfully and if you don’t want the traditional balance that’s ok because you are the one living it.  My lack of balance is who I am and who knows maybe I’ll change my mind tomorrow or next year but for now, my balance is not having any.



  1. Payton Taylor
    February 23, 2016 / 4:23 pm

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