My Life This Week

Valentine’s Day has come upon us.  Whether or not you love the holiday, you can still love red (my favorite color :), and enjoy some chocolates or a an excuse to go out with girlfriends and cheers to each other.  I love Valentine’s day, but not for all the hallmark kind of stuff, but purely because of fashion .  I love red, hearts, lips, and any excuse to get dressed up and go out I’m in!

I’ve been instagramming more than blogging and a lot of times people ask me where to get what I wore so here it is!  Some instagram pics as well as my life pics this week. Plus little tidbits here and there so keep on reading!

Lip tee here 

Donut from Dunkin Donuts yum

$85 pumps (comfy and the best nude color)

Similar moto denim

Stacked pave rings    |    X pave ring

You know I love shoes and finding a stylish pair at a great price that are comfy is tough.  These were exactly what I was looking for -comfort and stylish and such a great color.

Our fox fur hooded coats are selling so well!  I’ve been wearing mine everyday and it not only keeps me warm but the colorful hoodie is the best!

Blue     |     Pink      |     Black

The best ripped denim with yes, you see it here, I’m wearing sneakers!  With my foot still hurting from the fracture I’ve been trying to wear sneakers.  And I do understand why people wear them, they are pretty comfy.

My boys are my joy and sometimes test my patience.  But this pic just shows how cute and adorable they can be.  One of my favorite pics of them

Big fan of hearts and red 🙂 I wore this with my leather leggings (which I’ve had for years and are the best but a pricey).  Biggest difference between real leather leggings vs faux, the fit, the texture, and mine have retained their shape for many many wears.  Some of my faux ones look worn after a while.

Heart Tee    |     Leather Leggings (similar style steal)

Red Pumps (similar)

Gold $28 Sunglasses   |   Earrings

Our instagram book launched on our own website.  If you own a company, want to grow your instagram and wonder how we did it in less than 6 months (all three of our accounts grew 20K+ followers) take a look at our book here.  Thank you to those of you who have reached out and loved our book!  Working on our next and hope we can launch it by summer.  

Ladies in Red for a Valentine’s Day party thrown by Glossed and Found and Topshop.  A lovely lunch at Bar Siena with cute clothes, fabulous people and lots of yummy food.  Find me on snap chat under Jenworman and you’ll see some snaps (just started snapping)!  My friend Helen and Brittany, who works for me, all wore Red.  Great minds think alike. Brittany is wearing all t+j Designs!

Working on our new site (tell me what you think) and taking a short staycation soon!  

Wishing you lots of love, champagne and chocolates this weekend.


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