Style Steal: Lemon Feather Top at Sweet Mandy B’s

This is one of my favorite location shoots! I worked with Gabrielle in shooting my lemon feather top. and some other new arrivals which I’ll share on the blog later on.  I’ve been meaning to go to Sweet Mandy B’s, I love cupcakes and I’ve seen pictures of how cute it is inside . . . 

Lemon Print Feather Top

Blank Denim

Kate Spade Pumps

Valentino Bag (Style Steal on sale)

T+J Designs Sunglasses 

Isn’t the lavender benches, the baby blue chairs and tables so adorable?  It’s a pastel candy land.  If you haven’t been or plan on coming to visit Chicago and have a sweet tooth, visit Sweet Mandy B’s in Lincoln Park.

I just started designing clothes about 6 months ago but I have to say my Spring Fling collection is already one of my favorites.  Fun, flirty and easy to wear.  Merchandising and designing and on your own cost basis makes it harder than working for a big company but the whole collection came out beyond what I expected!  All those late nights emailing my production factory was worth it :).  Check it out and let me know what your favorite items are. 

Happy week.  Hope to see you at my Neiman Marcus event Thursday!



  1. MushroomStew
    March 9, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    Ah I die over all your T&J lemon prints! Can't WAIT to have the lookbook photos to share!And this outfit could not be more perfect at Sweet Mandy B's!Xoxo,Ashley || Sed Bona

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