Cold Shoulder & Why Kids Emotions are Awesome (Painful)

I don’t write about my kids often and mostly about style (don’t worry this sweater is pretty awesome and yes the link is on the bottom and you do need it, it’s only $23), but lately with them learning a bit more about everything they’ve definitely been more vocal.  The love hate relationship I have with their emotional outbursts is something that every parent experiences.

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1) Crying happens all the time.  Every little thing can spark crying, a water drop from the rain to walking into a museum to when they get one candy but want another and I say no.  Crying to them happens as much as I say no on a daily basis.  But the plus side, crying can go away in a second when something good happens; a treat mentioned, hugging or you change the entire subject.  Crying happens so often that it’s like smiling, comes and goes ;).

2) Treats (i.e. candy, cupcakes, donuts) spew the most loving words or the most hateful words.  My oldest has learned to whine, hug, kiss his ways to treats but the minute I say no, the words “I hate you” or screaming happens.  It’s a no win situation, you want to give them treats but you know the consequences of stopping after one piece of candy.  The amount of love you get from offering a small bit of chocolate is so big that you think you’ll do it again. And than the crying starts after that one piece.  I don’t learn from this so I do this everyday.  I know the consequences but they are so excited when I give them something sweet.  Good mommy, bad mommy . .  .

3) Yes means No and No means Yes.  Are you confused? Cause I am everyday.  My youngest screams No and pushes food away.  I take the food and he screams Yes.  It happens EVERYDAY.  I have no clue what he wants, he just doesn’t want whatever he is saying.  Sounds funny sometimes, but other times it’s frustrating.  No is heard a lot from both boys – how do I stop it, I’m still learning?  It’s a word that is learned quickly by little ones but most likely because we are always screaming NO! (don’t eat that, don’t jump off that chair, don’t run in front of the street, don’t hit your brother, etc).

Being with my kids is like being on a roller coaster but one that is unpredictable and goes in loops.  But like a roller coaster, the thrill of the ride keeps me coming back.  They can really test me some days but at the end of the night when they lay down and say I love you mommy and give me the biggest kiss, my life is all rainbows even with all those tears.

Happy week – sharing a bit more today although I’m tired and it’s close to midnight as I type this.

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  1. Jessica
    April 5, 2016 / 6:39 am

    I absolutely LOVE your sweater, and your son is so freaking cute. Great post!- JessicaMiss Moore Style

  2. lisa fergus
    April 6, 2016 / 1:02 am

    You are not alone (I've lived those years!) & you are doing great! And….love that top! Xo

  3. Dannie Moore
    April 7, 2016 / 3:13 am

    I love how honest you are about parenting. So many people extol the positives of parenting that we often think it's all amazing and easy and anyone can do it. And it's just NOT. As someone who works with very young kids on the daily, I have seen all of your struggles and more. It's hard and I don't even have kids so I can't even imagine where you are. Just know that no matter what, you're mommy and they love you. It's just hard to be a little. This sweater's amazing and so perfect for spring. I want to snuggle up in it right now. xoxo,

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