Off The Shoulder Trend Style Steals & Loving Yourself

Sometimes when I hear myself or other women talk about ourselves, I realize how hard we are on our looks.  All those Facebook videos, all those advertisements, bloggers, all those dang Rodan & Fields people on Facebook trying to get you to buy cream; it all impacts how we feel about ourselves and how we hate getting old or gaining any weight.  

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I’m very guilty on picking at my skin, disliking my sagging eyes, looking at my stomach wishing it looked like it did before my babies were born, putting on cream every night and dying my hair.  And I was hanging out with my girlfriends the other day and we were all talking about skin, looks, botox, working out and I left thinking.  Damn, my girlfriends are beautiful inside and out, we should all be kinder to ourselves.  And we should.  Getting older does affect our looks, but it also affects our career and lifestyle.  Both my career and lifestyle is WAY better than in my early 20s.  I have learned a lot with age, I have two beautiful children due to this tummy, I have a nice house, take vacations, have nice things because my family works hard and I’ve made smart decisions.  So it made me think, I need to give myself a break and we all do.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have off days where I hate the bloating, the skin, how I feel, but I should have more days of just sitting in happiness of where I am at.  So here’s to doing that this weekend :)! And enjoying all the great things.

Random thought and why this came up?  I love the off shoulder trend, (obviously) as I designed all these items in this post ;).  One time I had someone tell me they couldn’t wear this trend because she had the thickest shoulders and chest and would look awful.  I was stunned, she was a tiny woman who no way shape or form had broad shoulders or was at all anything she described.  She was so tough on herself and really I am a big believer anyone can pull off this trend.  It’s cute, it’s showing some skin without showing much, and it’s sexy.  Broad shoulders, skinny shoulders, tan, white, black, this trend is about how you feel comfortable and style yourself.  So out came this post when I started posting pictures.  Random huh?  Well, it’s what happens now a days when I take time to blog at 11pm.

Off to bed and excited to start the weekend.  How do you look at yourself? Do you give yourself a break? 




  1. Meghan Mathews
    July 2, 2016 / 2:56 am

    Oh my I love that off the shoulder top with the lemons on it! Thats beyond adorable!

  2. Rose Nika
    July 2, 2016 / 12:37 pm

    I love all the off the shoulder tops and dresses but the fringe tops I NEED THOSE!Life is just Rosie

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