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I could probably write pages on how difficult it’s been the last few years in balancing being a working mom and being an active mom at home.  This summer was even harder being away so much but I’m lucky I had my nanny and husband to take care of my two adorable boys when I traveled.  The question I get the most is how do I do it?  How do I take care of myself, work hard, and take care of my family? 

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My answer:  I ask for help, I look for help, and I’m not ashamed that I need help.  It is the only way I can be a good mom and also the best mom to my boys.  They are also happy and my husband as well.  At the end of the day, no one is really super woman!  I’m not afraid to share that I need help and there’s no shame in asking for it if it makes you feel better.  

I got recommended to try Nuture Life for my kids and we are all hooked.  What is it?

* a little note on the above photo: I wanted to take some cute photos with my little and afterwards I asked for just a few photos by myself.  I cracked up when I saw this photo above as he was so upset I wanted to take photos alone.  I guess blog photos on the weekend should be limited to zero.  Went to the park afterwards and he was all smiles later:). #mommybloggerlife

Nurture Life is a delivery subscription service of organic food (cooked by chefs and menu’s planned by a pediatric dietician) that is prepared, cooked and packaged easily for reheat and serve.  Food that is healthy, already cooked and delivered straight to your door? It is the best!

My kids loved it – I also took some tasty bites :).  Both kids ate everything and asked for more.  Their favorites so far, the chicken tenders and the teriyaki salmon.   My kids know good food, they eat with us everywhere and we don’t cook special food for them. They don’t like traditional boxed foods but love purely cooked fresh food so I loved seeing them chow down.  They looked at me and said, “This is delicious!” 

I heated it up for a minute, put it on a plate and served.  So easy and with me traveling and working a ton, with my son going back to school, it’s great for my kids.  

For mom’s worried about allergies – all the foods never have peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial ingredients, refined sugars, trans fat and fructose corn syrup.  

We still have the rest of the week to try the beef and broccoli and meatballs dishes I got them and they already asked what we are having tomorrow.  Not only is it making my life easier but anything that makes them happy makes me happy.  

I’ve got a few other things I’m loving that I’ll share about what makes my life easier as well.  Stay tuned.

*This is a sponsored post, but all my opinions are my own and I would never share a service or product I did not love.  


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