How to Style A Graphic Tee in 3 Simple Ways

How to style a graphic tee for a glam look, casual look, and a girly look?

Well the above image shows three simple ways I typically style them depending on the occasion.

#1 With a stunning sequin skirt.  Date night, out with the girlfriends, birthday, styling a tee with a sequin pencil skirt is comfortable and glam at the same time. We started our business styling it this way and we love seeing tags on instagram of how others have done the same! The best sequin skirts here. If sequins aren’t your thing, any cute skirt works!

2) With denim or leather leggings.  Another favorite of mine as I am casual at work and I wear this on the weekends!  And in the fall/winter I wear leather leggings to spice it up.  This is literally the easiest outfit you can dress up or down.  I wear it with sneakers to pumps and layer with a cozy sweater to a moto jacket.  I’ve gone out to dinner with leather leggings a faux fur coat. Our tees are so easy to dress up and down, and in the summer I pretty much lived in denim shorts.  

3) With a feminine pleated midi skirt for a girly look.  It’s cute, preppy and perfect for brunch, to go out on date night or out with girlfriends.  And great for the holidays if you pair with a cropped faux coat or leather jacket.

A tee shirt in general can be dressed up or down and what’s great about one that has a graphic?  It makes people stop, read and smile.  The joy of having met so many people because they loved what my tee said is amazing.  And when you style it up, it makes it less of just a tee you’d wear to bed.  I’m not a super casual person but I’ve learned to style it in my everyday life from day to night.

Some of my favorite tees right now are these!

Brunch Babe    |   Resting Brunch Face

Shopping is my cardio

Tacos and Tequila 

Better with Bubbly

I’m sure you’ve noticed the new look on the blog!  What do you think?

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Happy week!  I’m having one of those days – my internet is down at home and my iPhone completely broke and I lost 12000 photos (my kids photos :( I’ll miss).  Crossing fingers I can get them back as after I post this I’m going to a repair place!!


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