How to Style Sequins in 5 Steps

I am definitely a sequin girl and always have been.  As a little girl, I loved sequin dresses, projects with sequins and anything shiny so in designing T&J Designs, we launched our first collection last year with sequin skirts and this fall we’ve continued this tradition with a slew of fabulous designs with an all over star and this leopard pattern.  

A question I get often is how to wear and style sequins or the statement “I can’t wear sequins”.  I’m a big believer any one can wear any trend or item. It’s all about styling things to your taste and in a wearable way.  My top tips:

Leopard Sequin Top

White Denim

Studded Heels

Bestselling Sunglasses

Star Sequin Dress

Nude Heels

Metallic Gray Choker

My top 5 tips and steps:

1. Where are you headed and what’s the occasion? Top questions to ask yourself in getting dressed everyday and night!  The sequin dress above is perfect for dancing with girlfriends, a special occasion for dinner, and I would wear it as a wedding guest as well.  Or maybe it’s a date night that’s super important.  What the occasion and where you are headed is key to what to wear.  If you love this dress above but feel a little naked, layer up with a black blazer or black motorcycle jacket.  

Headed for a date night or out with girlfriends? Our sequin cami is perfect with black denim or white denim like I did above or I love it paired with leather leggings.  

2) Keep it simple.  Sequins are a showstopper already so keep the rest of the outfit simple.  Sequin top, solid bottoms and minimal accessories up top. Sequin dress, minimal accessories and simple shoes.  Sequin skirt – my favorite top is a tee shirt (whether it be our fun tees or a simple white or black tee). With a pencil skirt there is a bit of leeway on killer earrings or a fabulous pair of shoes to pair with it.  But if you aren’t used to wearing sequins keep it simple.

3) This is my preference but don’t go too tight.  Too tight, too short = not so glam.  Be comfortable and if you are second guessing the fit, than that is a sign you are breaking the rules on this tip :).  Our sequin items have the comfiest knit lining with stretch so that you can breathe and they really are comfortable. Our dresses are also made to fit slightly loose. Comfort and fit is key in helping elevate the styled sequin look.  

4) Sequins look luxe when you go for tighter set sequins in small palettes.  And choose a solid if you are unsure of sequins in general.  Black sequins are the easiest to wear and pair with a simple black tank with a moto jacket and you have the chicest outfit.  A recent favorite top is this one that I’ve worn with my sequin skirts.

5) This is my biggest tip for any day! When you are unsure take a mirror selfie to see your outfit before heading out.  It will help ease your confidence and see if the outfit looks great.  

A recent photo from Langham Chicago shot by my friend Helen Berkun.

Ashley on the left and Jenn on the right.

Hope my sequin tips helped convince you to give it a go :).  The holidays are coming up so it’s the perfect time to try it out and let me know what you think.



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    I love every single sequin in these looks <3Life is just RosieInstagram

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