Amazing Boots and 5 Things I’m Obsessed With

I just got these AMAZING boots!  The prettiest color in gray suede, fits perfectly, and elongates your legs.  And quality is quite nice for an affordable price.

For those of you that entered our giveaway, thank you! So wonderful to see you here and . . . 

Pink Off the Shoulder Sweater


Gray Sueded Thigh Boots (similar )

Gucci Belt

Sunglasses    |   White Tassel Duster Earrings

Congrats to Martha for winning the contest.  We will run another very soon!

Besides scrolling the internet for style steals and loving fashion and designing I get obsessed by random things. Top 5 right now:

#1 The show “This is Us” – can we say I cry every single time.  I feel like after having kids, I’m a mess and a half when it comes to shows like this.  Before “This is Us” I spent hours watching “Parenthood”.  Such beautiful and awesome shows that tug at your heart.

#2 Ok this is fashion based, I was obsessed in getting my Gucci belt.  Yes, I don’t need a belt, yes it is overpriced but when I went to Europe for my birthday, they were sold out everywhere. So when this pearl one came out I jumped on on it.  And I know this sounds cheesy, both my boys first initials start with G and I call my youngest GG so I really wanted my dang belt :).

#3  Disneyland – we are taking my youngest to Disneyland for his birthday and I think I’m more excited than my kids. I LOVE disney.  I remember going as a kid and it was the best time of my life.  I can’t wait.  I’ll be sharing loads of photos and stories on instagram.  They both have never been so it is even more exciting!

#4 I’m a candy girl, not chocolate at all, but candy all the way.  And I’m obsessed over sweetarts.  Well, I was so excited to see at Target that they sell only pink and purple hearts in a bag!  My two favorite flavors in a bag. I bought three bags pronto.  It made my day and obviously I’m writing about it now :).

#5 Prime is my best friend and by that I mean Amazon Prime.  We got a few of our tees on there and these boots I’m wearing can be at your house literally in 2 days. I get all my diapers and wipes from there and during Christmas I think 80% of my gifts were from Amazon. Looking for a memorable V-day gift – this book is one of my favorites to gift as you fill out meaningful items and bath bombs are also such a good relaxing gift both items are $10 and $20; so they don’t break the bank and are thoughtful.  That’s all we ask for! 

What are you obsessed these days?


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