Loving Ourselves in 2017 (with a side of style)

2016 was not the best year for me (and it sounds like for many) but great things did happen.  I chose not to do a blog recap . . . honestly I was not motivated to do one and when I don’t feel inspired I’ve learned to let myself take a break.  And I took a good holiday break just spending time with my two boys and my family.  

I’m a planner, a lover of going out and dressing up, a passionate friend and partner and I love connecting with friends.  I met up with some old friends while back at home and boy was it a great reunion.  It was hours of conversation and catching up and being real about life, being a wife, mom, friend and a woman in the world today. It made me realize how hard women are on each other and why do we settle on speaking about ourselves in such a negative manner?

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In my eyes I saw amazing women, beautiful inside and out struggling with normal things, feeling like they don’t take care of themselves, lack of date nights, hair appointments, sleep, children issues, not doing enough for our husbands and the list went on and on.  Everyone had their own problems but we were encouraging and supportive to each other but not encouraging to ourselves.  I realized that we are struggling because we aren’t encouraging to our own bodies, emotions and minds.  We aren’t speaking words to ourselves that we all need but putting all this pressure to do everything well.  

I need to lose 10 pounds, I don’t look nice, I’m not stylish, I am too lazy to do date nights,  I feel bad that my husband feels left out, I cry alone with my struggles . .  . so much was said that  I realized what we all needed was a hug and much needed break from ourselves. It is OK if things aren’t perfect, it’s ok to struggle, it’s ok if we cry, it’s ok to be scared, and it’s also ok to ask for help.  But you know what’s ok?  To say, hey I’m doing the best I can do and it’s pretty darn ass great.  To stand up and say, I’d like to take a break or why don’t we take a minute to appreciate all that we are doing.

One big resolution I have is to try harder to compliment those around me.  Hearing good things, saying good things just make the world a better place.  That energy will benefit me as much as them.  And try to do the same for myself and surround myself with those that are encouraging as well.

And let’s all try really hard to not compare ourselves inside and out to others. Social media makes this difficult. I didn’t really realize the perception that was made due to my job and sharing of my life, but my looking stylish and put together does not mean at all I have a perfect life or things are “easy”. I struggle with my own issues and may not share all of them, but being good at style does not mean anything but just that.  I don’t cook dinner all the time, or timely put laundry away, or organize enough, there’s a list of things I’m not good at you just don’t see that stuff.  But I’ve got my load of stuff piled just like everyone is. 

So I’m taking 2017 to say, love myself, love yourself and take the time to reflect on the good more often.



  1. Elle Aquino
    January 3, 2017 / 5:21 pm

    I love this post. It gives me a new perspective on blogging. I feel that way too. Have a wonderful 2017. Keep doing what you do. XOXO,Ellewww.apairofshoesforeveryday.com

  2. Unknown
    January 3, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    My favorite blog post yet! Thanks for the insightful words. Happy 2017. 🙂

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