Simply Gray & Lace

I love playing with layers and textures and saw a photo of a model wearing a lace top underneath a sweater and wanted to replicate it with my own items.  It made my simple off the shoulder sweater, prettier and an unexpected mix.

Pom Pom Hat (comes in four colors)

Black Lace Top

Gray Off Shoulder Sweater – only $18

Chanel Pin


Similar Leopard Pumps (love these)

I love looking at Pinterest, magazines and street style blogs for design and styling ideas.  It’s the best way to reinvent my own pieces and to broaden my own style.  I get into style ruts where I feel like I simply wear the same sweater and denim combo so I try to get inspired constantly by doing some research. Winter’s are hard as I want to be warm, but stylish.  I don’t want to look or feel frumpy, so trying different things like this lace top and off shoulder combo helps me feel chic.  And of course, accessorizing with a cute pom pom hat always helps too. I stuck my favorite Chanel pin in and it’s instant glam on my head.

Stay warm!

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