Sweater Trend: Two Lace Ups for less than $50

The lace up trend is one that is easy to wear and affordable.  I’m styling two sweaters today with the easiest combination of denim and a great pair of shoes.   Both sweaters are easily worn through spring and summer as they aren’t too heavy and the colors are easy to transition into spring and summer.

On a side note, my weekend was crazy emotional.  If you are a mom I’m sure you’ve witnessed this.  

Pink Lace Up Sweater


Aquazzura Tassel Platforms old (similar shoes here and here)

Gucci Belt
Blue Aviator Sunglasses

White Lace Up Tie Sweater

Denim Shorts

Style Steal Booties

Blue Aviator Sunglasses

Pink is the color of the year so you know the first tie up is a must have!

The second one I wore while at Universal studios during a nice day around mid 70’s and it was perfect.  If you are struggling in finding a good sweater and want something easy and stylish, these really are great and I wear them quite often when I can’t decide what to wear.  It’s my easy go to.

So my story, on Saturday both my boys had double plans.  A 3 hour birthday party and than a sleepover with me at my friend’s house.  To make a long story short, they both had a killer time Saturday and stayed up late Saturday night.  We awoke to a yummy breakfast hosted by our friends and headed home.  Well, pure exhaustion hit them both and my youngest cried hysterically for over a hour about a shoe that he wanted to wear that was too small and hurt his feet but he demanded to wear them.  It was awful, he kept one on, tore one off, he was screaming and crying for a straight hour.  AND we were headed out to lunch.  There was no calming him down and no reasoning because he was just exhausted.  My oldest kept going in and out of happiness and sadness for no reason.  Anything could trigger either.  At one point trying to calm them down with movies on our phone, he started crying because in Kung Fu Panda the panda had lost his dad a while back.  He started crying that he would lose me or I wouldn’t be able to find him.  This went on for hours until we demanded everyone rest for nap time.  Everyone in the restaurant looked at us at some point during the meal. It was quite the emotional Sunday and drove me nuts.  So the weekend was eventful with adventures and emotions.  Days like Sunday I’m pulling my hair out.  I was losing my stuff . . . but you can’t appreciate the good things with out the bad stuff right? :). Weekends like this I really have to give it to moms that stay at home to take care of the little ones.  It really is the hardest job!

Tomorrow’s the big Valentine’s day. Hope you are celebrating with a loved one, girlfriends, or just happy.  I posted some cute vday inspired posts last week and hope you saw them.  Check them out here, here and here. Happy day and wishing you lots of love.



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