Vacation Style Roundup from Cancun, Mexico

I got some questions on instagram of items I wore on my trip to Mexico so this is a full style recap of things I shared and what I absolutely loved from my trip. From bikinis, to rompers, to tote bags, take a peak and I’m sure you’ll find something you love for your next vacation or for Spring.

The cutest pom pom maxi coverup with slits on the side for a steal! You can wear this over any bathing suit.

Pom Pom Coverup {$28}

Kiini Bikini

Style Steal Replica version of my bikini {$23}

Three Pom Pom Tote {$78}

Goddess Sunglasses {$22}

Target Hat

$18 Palm Leaf Swimsuit

Two piece Palm Leaf option for $13

Denim Shorts

Tassel Duster Earrings for $28

You know I love color and this bathing suit is adorable in watercolor hues!

One piece Warhol Surf Swimsuit (also here); Full collection here by Billabong

Pom Pom Cardigan {$22) it’s a sweatshirt material so super comfy.

Panama Hat {$39}

Goddess Sunglasses {$22}  |  Earrings {$28}

Me and my bestie Marcy! I traveled with her to Live Aqua Cancun and had the best time.  

She wore this bathing suit and shorts. In love with the below one-pieces as well.  

1,    2,    

IN LOVE with this pineapple romper.  Talk about getting you in the mood for vacation.  I was drinking pina coladas like crazy the whole week :).  Nothing like a bright colored item to put a smile on your face. 

Pineapple Romper {$48}

Panama Hat {$39}

Goddess Sunglasses {$22}  

Three Pom Pom Tote {$78}

If you missed my recap of where I stayed.  Check out my post on Live Aqua Cancun here.

There were so many cute spots for photos which we captured a few, but our stay was definitely magical.

To be honest, I didn’t get a chance to show everything I wore during the night (photos weren’t great).  Much of the day was spent in a coverup, a swimsuit, hat and a drink in my hand.

One thing I haven’t had a chance to share but everyone needs is my luggage.  I got this two-piece set from Amazon and LOVE IT. And the price isn’t bad for two pieces.

If you are headed on a beach vacation, these are my top items to bring.

1) A killer onepiece swimsuit

2) A two piece swimsuit that you are comfortable with

3) A great hat for coverage and for style

4) A coverup or few that enables you to eat lunch without feeling naked (any of the ones I had in my last few posts are great)

5) A great dress that serves as a coverup or a date dinner dress.  This one is perfect.

6) The beach bag that fits magazines and SPF

7) Sandals or flip flops

8) If you accessorize – you only need these earrings to go with everything.

9) I brought this denim jacket for the cooler nights.

10) A mirrored pair of sunglasses to shield the eyes but still look cute.

xx Happy Spring and soon to be Spring Break!


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  1. Danielle A. Levine-Moore
    March 24, 2017 / 1:31 am

    I love these photos so much. I'm having a really difficult time with the fact that it's still cold here so these photos definitely took me back to my honeymoon for a bit. That palm frond one piece is heavenly! xoxo,

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