Tequila Made Me Do It – Guadalajara

Earlier this month I took this beautiful trip to Guadalajara through the Visit Mexico Board. The spectacular trip was planned from beginning to end by them and I got to travel with my girlfriends (who also blog)! It was a definite pinch me moment that due to blogging and social media, I was invited to enjoy, taste, and experience Guadalajara and all it’s beauty.


My Mexico Travel Squad: Janet, Johanna, Corri, Erica, and Helen

One of my favorite (and most frightening) days was the day we headed to the city of Tequila (yes where Tequila is made 😉 via HELICOPTER.  Let’s just say the helicopter ride didn’t come with a warning, they surprised us with the ride, and I had a panic attack. After ten minutes of breathing, I was able to enjoy the views and feel safe.  Yes people, I am somewhat afraid of heights and I prepare for everything.  Last minute surprises like this give me anxiety.  Clearly, it went over well, as my first post is about this experience.

After the panic attack – I was ready for photos and instastories.

White Ruffle Top   |  Denim Shorts   |  Large Aviator Sunglasses

Another photo to document that yes, I survived!

We arrived at Casa Sauza and this is a MUST DO. The tour of the agave fields, tequila and arrival with tequila drink was awesome.

I mean who doesn’t need a tequila drink at 10am? The hot day was cooled down with some delicious tequila and my vacation was set.


Fun Fact:  Every single day on our trip we were showered gifts from local entrepreneurs. Beautiful handcrafted jewelry and this backpack here was a gift as well.  The bags are really gorgeous and they give back to the community. The designer is sweet and building herself a fantastic brand.


These were the agave fields and they showed us how they cut the plant (removing all the stems) leaving the core that goes into the processor to squeeze the flavor out.

Warning: I’m not athletic and almost chopped off my foot when they had us plant a small agave plant 🙂 No need to share the video. I attempted, it happened, and everyone got proof that nature and I don’t mess with each other.


White Ruffle Top   |  Denim Shorts   |  Large Aviator Sunglasses

Lunch at the Hacienda Sauza was spectacular.  We got a tequila tasting (yes more tequila ensued) and we took photos with the pigs set up all over the property. The freshest salsa, guacamole and lunch of seafood was devoured.


Next stop was Jose Cuervo. At this point, Tequila was like water.  Bring it on!




So much Tequila that I even changed into my Tacos and Tequila tee shirt.


Barrels of Tequila being aged/stored.


Hot Sauce and Candy are literally my life’s accessories. A good plate of food with hot sauce is heaven and anyone that knows me knows that a good batch of gummies is my vice. This street vendor’s array was so colorful and the perfect photo opp.


My friend’s pom pom sandals that matched the cart.

Satin Embroidered Romper   |    Large Aviator Sunglasses   |

Theresa Backpack   |    Crystal Sandals

I ended up the tour with warm fuzzies of Tequila, a outfit change, and ready for the helicopter ride back.

I’ve traveled quite a bit, but truly, this trip to Guadalajara was amazing. The full day to Tequila was a wonderful experience and I walked away wanting to go back. I’m not a tequila drinker, walking around the heat is sometimes rough, but this day was full of fun and I learned a ton about tequila.

And I went on a helicopter which I swore I would never do.

We did so many things on our trip that there’s still more recap, but I would highly recommend to anyone to take a day to drink and experience all there is about Tequila.  What better excuse than Tequila made me do it.



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