What Kind Of Mom Am I?

I’ve been wondering this myself . .. What kind of Mom am I? I am too lenient, too strict, too planned out, too stressed, too busy, too everything?

I was asked to answer this question for an interview and it was honestly a hard question for me.  I have difficulty viewing myself as being good at anything and as a Mom, I feel like I’m winging it most of the time!

These days I feel clingy . . .


Smocked Top ($12) 

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White Shorts 

I find myself looking at these little babies and realizing they are growing so fast and I’m clinging to their moments. My youngest still holds my hand everywhere and I am so happy to continue to as much as I can.  My oldest is already letting go and not a big fan of mommy holding his hand (let me tell you, I had tears in my eyes the first time he didn’t really want my hand or a hug).  And he is only 5 and starting to mature so fast!

Wanting to be held, cuddles, the smiles, the joy of sitting in my lap, hand holding, kissing, hugging and even, sleeping in bed with me (Gah, I broke my own rules :), I’ve been clinging to these moments as they are sweet and I know in a few years or sooner, they will want their own space.

In the past few months, I’ve gotten more sentimental as I see them grow up. I’m planning more activities and catch myself watching and trying to put these times in my memory bank to remember them at this age.

My oldest son Grant (who’s 5) took these photos!)

Bow Dress on sale, wearing a size 4


I love a good musical and my kids experienced their first one last week.  Aladdin was sooo good, the set, the costumes, the Genie.  We all loved it and although it was a later night for them, they were giggling and smiling the whole way through. My 3 and 5 year-old sat all the way through in joy.

Palm Leaf Off the Shoulder Top

Photo shoot from my Splash Magazine spread. Post here.

Red Dress on sale


This past weekend I took them to see a movie and we sat in this fancy recliner seats and they both asked to hold my hand (I sat in the middle).  I was a happy mom holding their hands and took a good cat nap while they enjoyed their movie :).


So what kind of mom am I these days?


Stilling winging it, but learning each day to be open to new challenges. Don’t get me wrong, my biggest vice is that I’m impatient.  Super impatient.  It’s something I work on everyday. They can drive any one batty :).  Overall as a mommy though, I’m an affectionate, funny, planner, and rule following mom.  My time with the boys may have a few videos and photos (social media wise), but I’ll always be present and there for them.  They are the joys of my life.  For now, I’ll continue to be (slightly) clingy as these days will fly by and I’m not too embarrassed to describe myself as so. Clingy, impatient, but loving and affectionate.


What kind of Mom are you? I’d love to hear from you guys.


My friend Summer writes beautifully and inspired me to write my blog post.  Check out her post here I loved.





  1. Olivia DiTomaso
    July 12, 2017 / 3:47 pm

    Great read. You are ding one heck of a job being mom!Livhttp://livforstyle.net

  2. Summer Wilson
    July 12, 2017 / 11:39 pm

    Aw Jen, you are a fantastic mom. Your boys are so lucky to have you! <3 Thanks for the blog tag, too!

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