6 Updates and Things You Need To Know

#1 A recent girls trip to Napa with old friends was everything I needed.  Everybody needs a little vacation to reset and get balanced.  Napa was the perfect spot and the weather was perfect.

Hourglass Winery

Read further about friendship, what to do for Fall, the best show for boys, the best boot for Fall, AND come to one of my events!


What to wear to a winery, Fall Style in Napa, Blog Style in Napa

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Jennifer Worman, Girlfriends and what to wear in Napa, Fall STyle in Napa, What to wear at night in Napa

My Red Pleated Dress


Our friendship spans over 16 years and I would say this was one trip that we had the most fun. Something about age, knowing each other for a while, and being comfortable with each other made us sillier, more fun, and of course the wine helped.  We had a blast and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I am very lucky to have them as friends and to be able to take a break. For you hard working women out there, moms or not, working or not, single or married, take that trip with your girlfriends.  Whether or not a city staycation or a trip away even for one day, it really does help keep you happy and balanced.  This year, work and life has been more stressful, so as you can see (if you follow me on social) I have probably traveled more than ever. These trips have been useful in keeping me positive and happy.


We left on Sunday and I feel saddened by all the fires that went through Sonoma and Napa literally the day we left. I couldn’t believe that less than 24 hours ago we had seen many of the wineries and spots that are now gone.  I’ve been keeping up with the news and my thoughts are with everyone there.  This article has great updates on how to help fire victims and how to donate.

#2 Fall to me, means a visit to a pumpkin farm. This week, while visiting my parents with the kiddos, we spent a morning at a nearby one in Seattle.  Next weekend, we will be heading to one of our favorites outside of Chicago! Bengstons Pumpkin Farm is our favorite.

My mom, sis, niece and kiddos!

Seattle Pumpkin Farm Mommy and Son Fall Photoshoot, Fall Style at Pumpkin Farm

Green Cargo Jacket

We are still in Seattle and I love seeing my family.  I miss them and wish my kids could be around them more. Fun times and I’ve eaten so much I’ve gained 10 pounds between Napa and then coming back home!

#3 I recently hosted a lovely dinner at the W Lake Shore Chicago at the Current restaurant.  Chef Gieseke presented us with the loveliest meal. Everyone wore my favorite color and we dined at a gorgeous table set with red roses and yummy food. If you travel to Chicago, you have to stay or stop by the W Lakeshore. The views, the location, the bar and the restaurant make it the perfect destination in the city.

Red Soles and Red Wine, Red Dress, What to Wear to Dinner Chicago

Red Dress similar here and here

Chicago Fashion Style Bloggers

My lovely guests – Chicago fashion bloggers looking fabulous!


#4 Do you have kiddos that love super heros as much as my two boys? Marvel Universe Live is coming in November and I already got tickets! We took my oldest when he was 3 and he was amazed by it all. So amazed, he asked about it again (he is now 5) and so I found out they were coming into town and I booked some great seats.  The show is fantastic and to see their faces light up watching the show is everything. Get your tickets here.

Marvel Universe Life Chicago

Marvel Universe Life Chicago

#5 Love boots for Fall? Do you struggle with taller boots fitting your calf? Well, recently a friend Lauren launched a kickstarter that solves this problem!  The ultimate wide calf boot in 4 calf widths!!! Not only do I love supporting girl bosses, but I love that she is solving a problem with style.  Support her kickstarter here and get a kick axx boot that you can wear all season.

Kickstarter Wide Calf Boot

Co founders Kate and Lauren

#6 Do you live in Chicago? Do you love yummy bites, wine, shopping and want to hang out with me? Come to my event happening 10/24!! I’ll be there with some of my T&J Designs items. RSVP to rsvp@boldfacechicago.com

T&J Designs and Landmark event


Just a side note – excuse any misspellings, grammar etc.  It is currently 2:30am and I’m still putting together this blog. I felt it was important to share these tidbits and per usual, I couldn’t help but stay up to finish my post. xx Jen – hope to meet you if you are in Chicago!



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