Ultimate Gift Guide: You, Home and Gifts

I recently did a poll on my instagram on what my followers wanted to see and they wanted a gift guide! Instead of a big collage I decided to share my top 5 favorite things by category and these are perfect for you, family, girlfriend and the home.  With all the deals going on, I’m sure most of these will be on sale. I focused on great things I would want rather than all the black friday/cyber monday deals going on.  Most are style steals and the home decor stuff I have (or similar).


#1 Off shoulder sweater    #2 Gray cozy cardigan
#3 Bubble sleeve sweater
#4   Twist back sweater     #5  Leopard sweater

#1 Suede Moto Jacket    #2  Fur Hooded Coat (steal for 25% off)
#3 Faux Fur Faux Leather Jacket
#4 The Best Cargo Fur Jacket   #5 Leopard Faux Fur Coat

#1 Chunky Knit Blanket    #2 Gold Flatware
#3 Agate Tray
#4 Gold Mirrored Bar Cart    #5 Sheepskin Rug

I have all of these! And love a good coffee table set up
#1 Chanel (the classic one)  #2 Elements of Style (love this one)
#3 Chanel (also a great one)
#4 Tom Ford (who doesn’t love Tom)  #5 Alexander McQueen (the best cover)

#1 Portable photo printer yes please!
#2 I use my phone all the time and have a portable charger with me at all times
#3 This photo printer literally attaches to your iPhone – perfect for parties!
#4 Pink Luggage – the cutest for travel
#5 I love my noise canceling headphones and on sale!

#1 The belt everyone loves – I found a few spots in stock.  Here and here 
#2 This faux fur wrap has elastic and can be a hat or scarf only $14
#3 I love, love this hat and have all four colors.  The pom is awesome.
#4 The cutest details on these gloves and you can use your phone by folding down the top.
#5 I’ve been wearing this hat all week! Love it.

Happiest Thanksgiving.  Thankful for you, your support and hope you have a weekend full of food, fun and memories.


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