5 AMAZING Beauty/Fashion Buys on Amazon

So I’m an avid Amazon shopper, but who isn’t? It is like the Costco of our time now.  I’m pretty sure the next thing we will all be doing is buying homes and cars from Amazon on prime.  Since having my kids prime is a life saver.  From diapers to fashion buys, I stop by Amazon at least once a day.  I don’t do these shopping collages often but these items are too good to pass up.

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1.  My hair straightener broke one day and I immediately ran to my computer and logged onto Amazon.  For $37 and with over 1K reviews and 5 stars I knew I found the one.  This hair straightener is amazing and my hair looks shiny, super straight and much better than my old one. Titanum and temp controls.  Love, love!

2. Ok so this bag was EVERYWHERE last year and at that price point of $200+ I was not going to splurge on it.  But this year – amazon has this bag for $39!!! I love the bamboo version, as well as the white version here.

3. So I wear a lot of tops and dresses without a bra and need nipple covers. I have tried all of them from expensive to inexpensive and these are downright the BEST. And reusable (depends on how much you use them).  I replace them probably every month, but I wear them all the time and you can tell when they need to be replace.  These are absolutely the best, the glue residue does not stay, it stays on your chest, and the texture of it does not show on tops. Best nipple covers here.

4. Recently, I’ve been showing my hair wavy on my instastories – and a few photos on my instagram and people love the beach wavy effect.  Well, it’s all due to my beachwaver.  I have this one inch beachwaver.  I’ve owned probably ten curling irons in my life and this by far is my favorite.  If you need just one, this is the one.

5. This belt is only $19 – I’ve heard through my blogger girlfriends that it looks exactly like the Gucci one.  For the price, it is an amazing dupe! Shop the skinny and larger version here.

Happy Amazon shopping!


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