Three Ways Taco Bell Has Impacted My Life

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My love of Taco Bell goes back to high school  and has been an important part of my life in 3 ways! Some of you may think it’s not healthy, or this is a funny photo shoot, or how the heck can taco bell impact me, but Taco Bell brings back three key memories/events in my life.

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Taco Bell is like a old song that comes on the radio. I love a great song when it takes me back to a certain event or time frame.  Taco Bell brings back memories.

#1 When I was in high school, it was the place to be. Next to the Taco Bell was a 7-Eleven and at night this is where the “cool kids” hung out.  I remember as a freshman riding in my parents car driving by and thinking, I  wanted to “hang out” at Taco Bell when I had a car. Fast forward to junior year, I did eat and hang out at Taco Bell quite often and man, I fell in love with their tacos :). My girlfriends and I ate, had many laughs at our local T Bell and tried to stay out of trouble.

When I go back to Bellevue, (where I went to school), driving by that Taco Bell always brings back the fondest memories. Fun times and trying to get “drinks” at 7-Eleven.

#2 Taco Bell re-entered my life when I got pregnant with my oldest.  I have no clue why, but Taco Bell and donuts were my weakness.  Those crunchy tacos continued to come across my pregnant mind each week so I did treat myself to it.  Don’t worry, I ate relatively healthy (as you can see my boys are growing and smart) but Taco Bell was so hard for me to resist.  My boys now, love Taco Bell, I don’t give it to them that often, but they love a good crunchy taco as well. Like Mom, like sons :).

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Pink Fur Similar here and here  |  Embroidered top  |

Leather Leggings   |  Pink Louboutins

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#3 So these lovely ladies in this post are my third reason of why I love Taco Bell. This past year has brought new friends and new adventures, and these ladies share my love of T Bell.  We have bonded of many things, but Taco Bell is one of the tops of our list!

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Andrea blogs here and has the wittiest sense of humor and I love her Dope Ass Mom series (seriously watch her you tube videos)

Ceta blogs here. She has killer style and is a momma to two boys like me.  She can dance up a storm anytime and I admire her dedication to her workouts.

All three of us bond over crunchy tacos and Mexican pizza while dressed in leather and fur. They’ve entered my life at the best time and they make me laugh and enjoy life.

Ceta’s Tacos and Tequila shirt sold here and this awesome Taco Belle Tee here is a favorite of mine.

*Taco Bell, if you are reading this, we are open to commercials, prints, free tacos for life 🙂

**Not a sponsored post, we woke up to be the first ones at Taco Bell to do this shoot, and than downed a million tacos afterwards. I’m pretty serious of our love of Taco Bell.

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  1. March 28, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    I LOVE Taco Bell and I love this post!! You all look fab <3

    • Jen
      April 15, 2018 / 8:47 pm

      Thank you so much!!! I love a good taco bell run 🙂 xoxo

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