Ten Things You Should Know About Botox with Dr. Shah

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Ten Things You Should Know About Botox with Dr. Shah


I recently received botox for the first time at Dr. Anil Shah’s office in Chicago! Since it was my first time and I’m super careful about anything I do, I went in for a consultation and asked a bunch of questions.  It’s very important to know what you are getting into and with the number of stories you hear about botox parties, botox at the dentist (weird right?), I wanted to share ten questions and answers you should know about getting botox. Dr Shah was excellent and recommended botox for me only at the top of my forehead (I had a line where when I raised my eyebrows, it was more prominent) and the side of my lower jaw (great for asians to have a more chiseled look, see photos below).  This photo above is after 8 days of botox. I already see the difference!


#1) Botox – Who can administer it? And who do you recommend to do it? Who is qualified?


Botox can be administered by a qualified health professional, which means a physician specially trained in facial aesthetics or a nurse. Please note that in some states nurses are not allowed to inject Botox, but in the state of Illinois, under the guidance of a qualified physician, they are.


On a personal note, I would prefer to go to a Dr. or nurse at a cosmetic place vs. a med spa. I chose Dr. Shah as he specializes in faces and has familiarity with Asian backgrounds. I’m super picky about my face, so going to a med spa was not something I wanted to do.


#2) Are there different types of botox and how do you check that the doctor/nurse doing it is using a safe brand?


There are currently three FDA-approved versions of “botox“. The actual scientific term for Botox is a neuromodulator. All of these types of botox work well in the face, but what is important is that some cost less than the other. Patients should be aware of what is injected. One way of accurately verifying the type and quality is to search the directory of the name brand. For example, Allergan has a ‘find a physician’ search function for their Botox. If the name of your physician is not present with search, they are not verified buyers of the Botox and may be obtaining the the brand illegally or are using an illegitimate brand.


#3) Spa, dentist, cosmetic surgeons, med spas, botox parties – where is it the safest to do botox? And what would you recommend not to do?


It’s safest to have Botox performed in a medical office setting with a trained facial plastic injector or dermatologist overseeing the procedure. Botox parties when performed at a house setting often violate sterile conditions and can lead to poor results.


#4) Should you see different people and receive consultations before getting botox or is botox fairly simple and safe to do?


Botox by an experienced clinic is fairly safe in the sense that it wears off in 6 months, however, for some patients a dropped brow, ptosis of the eye, or a facial droop lasting that long can be a significant social impairment. I suggest that patients go to a qualified professional.


#5) What should I watch out for? What are spots on the face you definitely recommend you only have someone very experience do?


If you’re looking for an experienced injector they should have obtained some level of injection status, whether it is platinum, diamond, etc. This status indicates their level of Botox buyer-ship and how much they’ve worked with the injectable.


#6) What are the key risks and side effects?


The main risks of Botox include abnormal movements, abnormal facial expressions, lazy eye or ptosis, lazy brow, and facial drooping. For this reason, an injection treatment performed anywhere on the face should be done by a qualified expert.


#7) Are there people allergic to botox?


Botox is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction due to being a purified compound, however, the ingredients it is mixed with can cause a temporary swelling but this is rare.


#8) Price range for botox?


Price range varies for most offices from 10-20 dollars per unit, varying between 10-60 units per treatment. When patients see Botox advertised for less than 7 dollars per unit, they should be weary of over-diluted Botoxor false branding.


#9) When do you recommend starting botox? Age? When you have wrinkles?


I don’t believe in preventative Botox unless there are faint lines already present on the face. Women typically begin in their early to mid-twenties.


#10) How long does Botox last?


Botox lasts between 2-4 months.


I loved working with Dr. Anil Shah and look forward to seeing the final results to my jaw line.  These are photos I saw of the before and after which made me do it. See below


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Any questions, let me know. I did an instagram live and will continue to do so for any treatments I do.  Dr. Shah is in Chicago for those of you interested!

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