5 Steps to a Fresh Start 2019

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This post has nothing to do with working out, changing your diet, or upkeep on beauty. It’s about taking a moment. Taking a breather and stepping forward into the year with positivity and something to look forward to. Do 1 or all 5 of these items and even if it is for a brief moment, it will make you feel like you are getting a good start in the new year. And commit to doing these things THIS month, start now, start today!

Jennifer Worman, Chicago Travel Blogger, NBD Sweet Dreams Dress, Best hotel to stay in Chicago, Four Seasons Chicago, Chicago Fashion Blogger at the Four Seasons

{1} Staycation or take a day off for one day:

I recently took a much-needed staycation for one night at the Four Seasons Chicago and had an epic room (#3725) with the most gorgeous view. This is the exact room we stayed in. I am so thankful to them for giving me a night off and I am lucky to do this for my job, but before you say this can’t happen for you. Read this:

Four Seasons Lake View Executive Suite, Chicago Travel Blogger, Chicago Four Seasons, Jennifer Worman, Chicago Fashion Blogger, Best View in Chicago Hotel, Best Hotel in Chicago If you haven’t had a day off in forever and the holidays and new years were stuffed with plans, family, and work. You NEED this. And if you have the budget, the Four Seasons is the perfect place and there are plenty of spots in every city that have all price points. January is the slow season and hotels rates go down quite a bit. If you are on a budget and have kids, take a day off and ask someone or a sitter to watch the babies/kids. If you’ve never done this, start with 3-hour stretch, you’d be surprised that you feel better and your kids are OK.

A day off can do wonders for your health and outlook. Just that one day can refresh your mind and keep you motivated towards the year. Do whatever you want! I like to lounge in bed, eat snacks and watch my favorite shows.  Don’t feel guilty.  There are plenty of days to be stressed. ONE day won’t affect your work but will give you some rest and peace of mind.

Jennifer Worman, Chicago Travel Blogger, NBD Sweet Dreams Dress, Best hotel to stay in Chicago, Four Seasons Chicago, Chicago Fashion Blogger at the Four Seasons

Four Seasons Chicago Lobby

{2} Do something you love that has been on your list that takes less than an hour:

I love reading and I love watching TV. So I started a book (Crazy Rich Asians) and started a new TV series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Which by the way, is AMAZING. I’m so happy doing both and deciding to take the time to bring it back into my life.

What’s something you love that doesn’t take too much effort but gives you happiness? Is it a bite of a brownie at the end of the night? Is it getting your hair done? Swimming? Write a few things down and try doing them even if once, to see if you can fit into your life to add a dose of happiness.

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{3} Organize your closet, clean out your pantry, organize your photos: 

Cleansing and organizing certainly help start the new year! I keep hearing about the show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” and it sounds like so many people are taking this step already. I haven’t jumped onto this bandwagon as honestly, I also see posts and days later people are still trying to organize lol. It’s one of the things where once you start, you have to finish. I do plan on cleansing my closet soon. Being a style blogger, I accumulate way too many things. Cleaning it out ALWAYS feels good.

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{4} Plan a vacation for 2019: 

Traveling is my FAVORITE thing to do. Hotels, food, culture, sun, snow, whatever it is, I love going to other destinations and having plans to look forward to, it is the BEST. Whether it be a 2 day short trip to a week-long vacation, planning it ahead or sitting down to talk about it with your significant other can give you an exciting thing to look forward to. I have two trips planned for the next two months and more to come as I grow the travel part of my blog!

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{5} Buy a pair of pajamas that make you feel good, put on a mask and sit for 5-10 minutes.

I love to do this weekly! Some feel good moments that don’t take much time.  Browse through a magazine, look at Instagram and a great pair of pajamas just feels good. A necessity for every woman is a pair of pajamas that not only feels good but looks good.  You got to feel beautiful even when sleeping!

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Hey ladies – treat yourself kindly. Self-care is the best care and without it we will all crash and burn. Happy 2019 my friends!

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