Update About Me: Thankful

Did 2019 fly by or was it me? So much went on in my professional and home life that I can’t even keep track! I’m hoping to recap it all and goals in December as I hope it will inspire you to do the same!

My updates about me are always a popular post, I guess sharing my struggles help you and when I write I always think about how I can help you as my friends. This year I am deeply thankful for:

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{1} My support system. You guys know who you are, from checking in on me to helping me pack and move, to listening to me on my down days, I couldn’t survive my day to day or year without you. There are a handful of people that have been my rock to me and I believe that the past three years were meant to be to show me that I can handle (almost) everything and move forward.

{2} My boys. I think I say this every year, but even more this year as they articulate their needs, listen and grow. They have handled several moves, my divorce, and my tears with such care and I hope one day they’ll remember all the good memories we had through all of it. I don’t think I could have handled everything better than they have and they are amazing.

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{3} Travel. Traveling has given me work opportunities but also a way to heal from everything. In some ways, I traveled to run away from Chicago, the problems I was having, and given me something to look forward to every month. I look back and I couldn’t have imagined doing all the travel I did, I learned and took away something from each destination. Life is an adventure and I’m taking it all in.

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{4} My new home. Earlier this month I moved into a new place and yes, it is still full of boxes because I haven’t had a full week at home. I’m working on decorating it to feel like our home, and I’m so excited when I step in the door every day. It is our “home” and I love it. From the space, to how it feels, to how I got to this point I am grateful. And don’t worry I’ll show more of it as it comes together!

{5} My job and you guys. Without readers, friends, family, followers I would not have been able to live, to work, and to move on. I’m amazed daily that this is my JOB. Writing, sharing and connecting with all of you. The opportunities I’ve gotten to work on, the travels, the notes I receive, the happy hours I do with followers.  I love it all! I certainly have down days, but it is you guys that pick me back up to continue and I thank you.

{6} The failures and learnings. I have lost many jobs and friends this year and although I go through a bump, I learn from every situation. From pitching new ideas to negotiating contracts or to learning who is a good person to surround myself with, it is all part of life and I’m open to it. One big thing I’ve embraced is taking each mishap and learning from it and trying to improve myself so that it doesn’t happen again.

{7} My partners in business. This is everyone from brands and agencies to the people I communicate with to the two lovely ladies that help me with my blog/Instagram/and other social media needs.  They are the backbone of how I get so much done and it’s still me behind the blog and Instagram they just enable me to do more. I don’t think many (unless you do this too) know how much happens behind the scenes, but it’s just like owning a website – we need help to make it more successful.

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{8} My dog Louis. I don’t talk about him often but he has been by my side for 16 years. This past month, he is not doing well and it makes me sad. He has been my longest relationship with a male and a constant companion moving from San Francisco to New York and then here in Chicago. He is a great dog and a constant love that has always been by my side. Through my having two kids and all my personal life problems, I didn’t focus enough on him and I feel guilty. I’m trying to take care of him now and hope he is ok. He was my first dog and still here, but I’m worried about him.

I end it with 8 things as 8 is my favorite number and Louis has been on my mind as I see him aging. Thinking good thoughts.

Wishing you the best Thanksgiving with much love to you and your families.




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  1. December 4, 2019 / 4:10 pm

    Sending positive vibes to Louis. I hope he is okay and I hope you are too. From what you said in your blog post, there are a lot of things we don’t see and perhaps you are mentioning that regarding a blog but I mention regarding individual lives. There are a lot of things that go on and all we can do is to continue to move forward, love, and be kind. Sending hugs your way!

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

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