Daily Routine: 10 Items I Use Every Day

Daily Routine: 10 Items I Use Every Day

These are must-haves in my life! From beauty to razors to coffee – these are absolutely a necessity in my life. Check out my favorites below.

{1} and {2}  Billie razor and shave cream – For $10 you’ll get the razor, refills, and it delivers razors to you whenever you set up the next shipment. I hate how expensive razors are at the store – when I googled the best affordable razor I found Billie! So many of my friends love it too. . . Sharper, smoother, and more affordable. Billie blades are completely encased in 360° of charcoal shave soap.

Just a side note: I also love their makeup wipes and lip balm in sorbet!

{3} Elemis cleansing balm – I will keep raving about this stuff until you try it – I’ve posted it so many times. I love how silky, smooth, and hydrated my skin feels after washing my face.

{4} and {5}  My two books I wake up to every day of 2022. I write in my Five Minute Journal daily and read a few pages morning and night of A Gentle Reminder. I highlight key sentences and have helped me heal some of my love traumas.

{6} Dot Plate Set  – I use these and have shown them on Instagram.  Prettiest set, durable, and so affordable!

{7} Nespresso – OBSESSED. Got this in 2020 and haven’t looked back – best thing I purchased all year.

{8} Coffee pods – these flavors are my favorite and have 23K reviews favorable reviews!

{9} Tula Eye Balm – I put this on every morning and night –  soothing and so good for my eyes. I’m 45 – trust me use this.

{10} Urban Decay Setting Spray – I’ve been using this for so long. . . my makeup looks set all day because of this stuff. The beauty stuff I mentioned here is my absolute favorites and I must use it daily and travel with.


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